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The People and Culture of Ukraine

Ukraine, an Eastern European country with a rich cultural heritage and rich linguistic heritage is a perfect instance of this. Many of its citizens are to some degree bilingual in Ukrainian as well as Russian.

Since 1991, when Ukraine gained independence, Ukraine has sought to forge a path as a sovereign state while also trying to establish closer relations with Western institutions such as NATO and the European Union and NATO. However, internal conflicts make it much more challenging.

The Orange Revolution, a popular rebellion in 2011, took the president Viktor Yanukovych from office and launched a wave of opposition to the political system. This political shift was the catalyst for the elections of Victory Yushchenko.

Ukrainians are from a variety of ethnicities and religions. Most are Orthodox Christians, but there are also Roman Rite Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims.

Ukrainian cuisine is known for the use of vegetables and cereals. It is due to the fact that Ukraine has one of the most fertile soils to grow a range of crops.

Pierogies are a popular Ukrainian food that can be cooked or baked and include an egg, flour as well as potato mixture. You can fill them with any mixture of cheese, sour cream or minced meat.

Holubtsi are crunchy cabbage rolls which can be filled with pork, beef, or vegetables and be made in a variety different ways. They can be served as side dishes or main courses and they are usually served alongside stews, soups, or sauces.

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