Azerbaijan Marriage Traditions

The marriage tradition of Azerbaijan has many different rituals and customs. Probably the most important may be the paltarkesdi ceremony. It is a practice that involves the tailoring of the bride’s dress as well as the bringing of food to the bride’s house.

Matchmaking can be described as crucial aspect on the Azerbaijani wedding. In the past, girls were often involved in the method. They were known as “matchmakers, ” together special authority over people in the neighborhood. However , this kind of tradition was altered in the past pandemic.

The matchmaking is structured by the groom’s family. This consists of the father and uncle. These two individuals are accountable for selecting the online dating safety tips best possible bride. If they find suitable child, they send their family members to the girl’s residence to gather info about her.

Once the ladies parents learn about the proposal, they compliment her. This girl then receives gifts from her family group. For example , a prayer safety net and a mohur would be given to the woman.

Once the girl agrees towards the wedding, the girl’s father and mother put the gemstone on her finger. Her mom then puts a scarf surrounding the fiancee’s mind.

Several days after the wedding, the newlyweds attend a “uzechikhdi” wedding service. It is just a ritual that ends the deficiency period. It delivers the new bride into the new family.

Some other ritual may be the “khinayakhdi” wedding ceremony, which is a frizzy hair dyeing commemoration. There are several modifications of this marriage ceremony.

The marriage service in Azerbaijan is usually stored over forty days. Two events may take place, one with the bride’s residence and the various other at the groom’s. Poor households will often have one day ceremonies, while wealthy families will hold a three- or four-day service plan.

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