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However, while the above is certainly very convenient, it could also be considered somewhat of a hack. Since the above control is a UIButton subclass, we’re using UIKit’s built-in target/action pattern to handle its events, which in turn means that we’re going to need some form of object to act as our button’s target. Note how we named the above wrapper EventDetailsComponent, since EventDetailsView is already taken, and since the purpose of our wrapper is to turn our existing UIKit-based view into a custom SwiftUI component. At the end you can call those structs whatever you want, having it named Whatever_Previews is just a convention provided by Apple to quickly see what this struct is for just conform to PreviewProvider to see the canvas.

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Here you can learn how to create custom user interfaces, interactions, animations, gestures, prototype, and more. The above examples demonstrate how a SwiftUI view redraws based on detected changes inside the observed object. Let’s dive into the @StateObject property wrapper to see how it differs.


A view in SwiftUI is a struct, which is a value type. Value types as soon as you change something are a different instance in memory. So to put it in a web analogy, a view is like HTML/JS and a Class is a lot like a class in CSS.

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In SwiftUI, Apple doesn’t call these components, they are called views. It’s kind of an overloaded term , and I could see how it might confuse engineers with React experience. In React-style UI frameworks, components are the immutable value-types that engineers use to declare their UI.

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Develop Apple Apps: Learn Mac & iOS App Development, Xcode ….

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I SwiftUI Lessonsly enjoy to learn and understand how SwiftUI improve the way of programming into Apple environment. I think this project is good for beginners in Swift and iOs. I am a beginner and I want to really understand the concepts. The theory lessons don’t needed because when you build the apps you already explain the concept. Let’s build your first SwiftUI mobile application in Xcode with this online tutorial. Finally, if you’re an experienced developer, on the other hand, I’m sure that you will find plenty of advanced Swift 5 programming best practices as well.

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