How Jack S. used Zipties to Never Sleep In Again

Jack has always had incredible struggles with waking up in the morning. No matter what, he would never arrive on time for morning meetings…until he tried a Pavlok.

While Pavlok is extremely effective for waking up, every once in a while (extremely rarely) severely heavy-sleepers will somehow take the device off in their sleep. Jack was one of the few, so he invented a Macgyverd method to never sleep in again. Our CEO Maneesh Sethi had the pleasure of interviewing Jack.  Read below to see the details…


Maneesh: Tell me about your sleeping habits before Pavlok.

Jack: I’ve suffered with struggling to get out of bed in the mornings since I was a kid

I’ve previously tried many things. The world’s loudest alarm clock; an alarm clock I made that would spray you with water.

At my previous startup, We had a morning meeting every week. I’d actually have to sleep on the couch in the office to ensure I’d be in the office on time for it

I didn’t have trouble waking up the sound of the alarms. Just trouble getting out of bed. I would always hit the snooze button.

Pavlok (+zip tie) is the only alarm that I’ve ever used which works. Pretty life changing

Maneesh: How long have you been using Pavlok?

Jack: Since I came up the the zip tie hack that I shared in the group. I think like 3 months

Maneesh: How often do you use it? and always w/ the zip tie?

Jack: I use it about 4 times a week (not on weekends). Yes, always with the zip tie.

Before I was embarrassed! l was always late to everything, no matter what it was, if it happened in the morning.


Maneesh: What time do you wake up now? how much time does it take for you to get out of bed?

Jack: it depends when I want to wake up, depending on meetings etc. I now give myself about 10-15 minutes to wake up.

Say I want to wake up at 9am. I’ll set an alarm at 8:45am and another at 8:55am. With pavlok set for 9am

So the 8:45am one basically tells me I’ve got 15 mins till the pavlok goes off. The 8:55am one is to remind me to get out of bed and take off the pavlok before it goes off at 9am.

So 8:55am I’ll run out of my room to kitchen to get scissors to cut it off. Like sprint out of my room.

Maneesh: Hahaha, oh man. I want to make a movie of this.

Jack: My roommate finds it quite entertaining

Maneesh: Any features you’d like us to add?

Jack: Something I’d hacked around with before with my phone – but would likely need a hardware change to add – would be NFC. Ie need to touch it to an NFC sticker in the shower to shut it off

Maneesh: Hell yes

Jack: Potentially could be achieved with bluetooth. But bt is a bit annoying in pairing

Maneesh: Agreed — NFC is something I intend to add onto a future generation of Pavlok. Who would you recommend pavlok for?

Jack: For users of the Alarm: anyone that struggles to get out of bed in the mornings / is late for work

For users of Pavlok: ocd sufferers, smokers, hair pullers, sugar addicts, binge eaters

Maneesh: Any last words?

Jack: Everyone using the alarm should check my zip tie method before I patent it

Maneesh: Hahahahaha yessss

Thanks for your story Jack!

2 thoughts on “How Jack S. used Zipties to Never Sleep In Again

  1. @Bret, b/c you can go back to bed after turning the alarm off. The way Pavlok works (I say so since I’ve got a PhD in Neuroscience) is conditional learning, i.e. you associate sleeping in with the zap , thus it implements behavioral associations. Another aspect is that you develop an aversion towards the behavior be it sleeping in, smoking etc whereas by placing the alarm on the other side of room (if it works),the effect will go away when you stop it: not with conditional learning.

    Hope it helps!

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