Kid Cudi Leaves Drug Use, Legal Troubles Behind on Sophomore Album

While working on the band’s self-titled debut, Cudi claimed he had writer’s block for almost five months because of his new sobriety; something that had never happened to him for such an extended period of time. According to Cudi, bands that inspired the album include Electric Light Orchestra, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Pink Floyd. True to Cudi’s iconoclastic ambitions, Entergalactic is more than a studio album.

  • I was like, “Man, I’m tired of promoting and marketing an album.
  • I’ve got my family of course.
  • While appearing on Jada Pinkett Smith’s new Red Table Talk interview series Kid Cudi reveals that using a ton of cocaine for one last drug binge helped him decide to go to rehab two years ago.
  • I saw kids hitting me up, like, “Are you on ‘Guilt Trip!?
  • We couldn’t afford it.
  • Then I started thinking about it more.

Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, talked about his experiences with anxiety, depression, and substance use at a fundraising dinner for New York–Presbyterian Hospital’s Youth Anxiety Center earlier this week. The rapper, 38, talked about how events during his childhood led to yearslong mental health struggles and explained how he finally got help. After Cudi’s initial comment, Jada asks what he was loaded on.

Kid Cudi Confesses To Drug Use, “I Started Doing Cocaine To Get Through Interviews”

Me and Hit don’t have the same history as me and Dot, but we’ve been hanging out. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the young man here and there in the studio. For him to be so young and have his head on straight like it is in such a way, it’s so awesome to see. I had to lock in with him.

  • This latest twist in the artist’s wide-ranging career continues to explore his thematic obsession with space across 10 tracks, four of them instrumentals and six adorned with lyrics.
  • In recent years, Cudi has become somewhat of a spokesperson for mental health.
  • I made the choice to quit booze before I started tour, so the whole tour I was sober from alcohol and the whole show benefited from that—the energy and everything.
  • I got a lot from that whole experience.

Everybody wants their credit where credit is due and there’s a lack of that and that’s where the problem lies because I’m damn sure not invisible. It’s never an issue, really. It’s kind of something you see and something we all know and it doesn’t make me bitter, but what I just don’t appreciate is the lack of honoring where the true inspiration comes from. What’s the status of your health issues now? Just to update everyone, so no one’s worried, my liver is fine. I gave up the booze for so long and the problem was reversed and I’m A-ok.

08: Beginnings in New York City and A Kid Named Cudi

Not everyone can do it. There are certain things that you need to have or it could fail miserably. This latest twist in the artist’s wide-ranging career continues to explore his thematic obsession with space across 10 tracks, four of them instrumentals and six adorned with lyrics. Falling in line with sober rappers Cudi’s musical DNA, the songs are singular creations that don’t align with anything his contemporaries are up to. Which makes sense, because Cudi’s always been interested in exploring what’s beyond his sonic atmosphere. His fans already know Cudi’s penchant for finding whatever else is out there.

On top of my daughter, on top of my mother, my family. They’re a big part of me wanting to stay on this planet. That’s why they show up because they know that. They know I went through hell and I survived in order to inspire so nobody else could fall. If I fail, millions of other kids will fail.

Early life

We have created some amazing work and it’s a testament. He found out I was in there and wanted to say what’s up. We were hanging out and he wanted to hear a new song, wanted to hear some new shit. I played him Satellite Flight. Then he played me a couple of his jams and that was it.

Yeah, it’s a beautiful thing to be in control. I’ve had my ups and downs with Universal Republic but they’re working on trying to renegotiate my contract and submitting something to me. You know, to keep me on the label because they believe in what I’m doing. I have a bunch of powers but unfortunately I cannot write raps unless I’m ultimately fueled to write a rap, and it happens every so often. Also, I aim for timeless.

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I’ve got my family of course. People know Dot, they know Dennis, they know Chip. I’ve always felt like a loner though and there’s power in that.

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