We’re Big in Japan

So on Monday night, after I sent the previous email, I downloaded the Google Analytics app and was instantly hooked by the realtime visitor feature. Like, I couldn’t look away. “Oh man, someone in California is on our web site! Which blog post is he gonna read?”

After like, an hour of this, suddenly, the number suddenly shot up. “Hey someone from Japan! Hey, another person from Japan! Wait, what’s going on?”

Then my friend Andy Morgan posted this:

We were featured on a Japanese Talk Show/Game Show — for 10 minutes, they were testing the zap on different people while sleeping. I wish I had a clip I could share — I’ll send one if I can get access to one on Youtube.

The funny thing is, our original Pavlok wasn’t a big hit in Japan. However, when we released the Shock Clock on Indiegogo in April, Japan was by far the most popular non-US country of them all.

I think a lot of people in Japan aren’t getting enough sleep…And hey, we’re here to help!

So I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have successfully finalized the design, production, and (almost) software for our second product The Shock Clock. We are delivering the final thousand units (out of 2800 backers) in the next two weeks.

I don’t have an official date for the Shock Clock launch right now — it looks like it will be the first half of October — but we just listed it as a preorder on our store.

Preorder The Shock Clock ($99 + Free Shipping until Friday Night)

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