What Is a Test Case? Examples, Types and Format

We have shared a schedule included in the sample test plan of web application. You might add or remove columns in the schedule table as needed. You might need to use any tools or software to perform testing or to set up the test environment. Specify the tools and required human resource to perform the testing activity. The approach should be described in such a manner that major testing tasks could be identified. Test approach is the backbone of the entire testing process.

A test case is a defined format for software testing required to check if a particular application/software is working or not. A test case consists of various parameters such as Id, condition, steps, input, expected result, result, status, and remarks. Test reporting requires an accurate log of the test configuration, test conditions, the requirements that were verified, specification of the pass/fail criteria, and identification the completed test steps. Good test procedures establish what was intended and provide a checklist for tracking the progress of the testing. The test report should summarize the test activities, including test date, time, and location, test witnesses and observers present, exceptions or anomalies noted, and SPCRs written.

Software Testing Tools

To turn off logging for one of the signals, in the test harness, right-click a signal and select Stop Logging Selected Signals. Use the Simulation Outputs section to add signal outputs to your test results. Signals logged in your model or test harness can appear in the results after you add them as simulation outputs. These tools are automated tools that decrease the time and effort of a tester as compared to the traditional way. The Test case template contains the header section which has a set of parameters that provides information about the test case such as the tester’s name, test case description, Perquisite, etc.

test case pass fail criteria

A test case is a basic concept in software testing, but there are similar terms that might cause confusion for beginners or individuals less familiar with quality assurance. Let’s explain what a test case is, relative to other technical or similarly named terms. Specify the staff members who are involved in the test project and what their roles are going to be (for example, Mary Brown compile Test Cases for Acceptance Testing).


Hope this guide provides a quick reference to build a robust test design specification for your next project. Moving ahead, we have resources and a structure to use these resources on the software during the testing phase. We, therefore, start creating test suites keeping in mind that we are working according to the plan we created in the previous stage. Test suite creation may or may not indicate programming scripts or English-based definitions of it.

test case pass fail criteria

Without this capability, it could take a day or more to restore full functionality at the TMC even if the necessary spares were available. Some challenges that must be met in a testing program relate to the relevancy of the test with respect to the actual test conditions and test limitations and constraints. Make sure the expected test conditions are relevant for the requirements being verified.

Types of Functional

If a standard form is going to be used, attach a blank copy as an “Appendix” to the Test Plan. In the event you are using an automated incident logging system, write those procedures in this section. Specify both the necessary and desired properties of the test environment. Also specify the level of security which must be provided for the test facility, system software, and proprietary components such as software, data, and hardware.

test case pass fail criteria

Other platforms, such as low-code development platforms, might also have their own specific tests. Keep in mind how the product will be developed, as well as any unique details that might necessitate further testing. There are a variety of performance testing types, including load, stress, spike and scalability testing. Each type of performance testing, and each individual test, reveals different information about how the system responds to varying user loads. Conversely, informal test cases do not have known inputs or outputs.

What is the Test design specification?

The tester must understand the application flows well to write effective integration tests. These tests confirm the user interface functions as expected. Typically, UI tests focus on an app or web page’s visual elements to confirm they function and perform according to requirements.

test case pass fail criteria

If you do not need to divide the test time period, specify the number 1 in this field. IOS application – an online ticketing system integrated with additional services. In-house expertise, best testing practices, product pass fail criteria announcements, etc. Parameterizes the form digest values in the headers and request parameters of SharePoint applications. Converts GWT data to XML structures facilitating work with session-specific values.

Schedule Risk

The place where users of our tools discuss their testing challenges and technical solutions. From choosing components to product functionality and licensing. Enables the automatic parameterization of session-specific values found inside JSON structures and creates formatted JSON representation. Cloud version of the most powerful load testing solution based on WAPT Pro and all extension modules. Professional version can use several systems for load generation, remotely control test execution, monitor server performance and handle complex parameterization. This section of the design specification describes the test cases in English so that the reader can get an idea about the test case before diving into the specifics of it.

  • Remember that you cannot test a feature or module, unless it is developed.
  • Software or business requirements documentation outline the use cases, which detail how the end user will interact with the system and the output they should receive.
  • UX researchers prepare tests for participants outside the organization to gauge how easy or difficult the product is to use.
  • It is quite common in integration testing and system testing and at the level of smoke testing.
  • If you are capturing the data to a file that already contains outputs, specify the sheet name to overwrite the output data only in that sheet of the file.
  • Test IdTest ConditionTest StepsTest InputTest Expected ResultActual ResultStatusRemarks1.Check if the loading page loading efficiently for the client.1.

These can be checklists, test cases with descriptions of basic fields, and reports that you will provide to project managers, client representatives, and others. Specify the frequency of preparation of these documents and responsible persons. It is a document that describes the entire scope of testing work and the resources required for this purpose. This QA doc is created at the initial stage of the project when the requirements are collected, the terms of reference are formed, the scope of work, and the list of tasks become clear. Then, we define a list of features that should be tested and the features that should not be tested, along with success criteria. This enables us to scheme a detailed testing approach for the identified features to be tested.

Simulation Outputs

A critical error means either an essential business logic does not work properly or a problem that temporarily crashes the server or causes some part of the system to fail. The solution to the problem is necessary for further work with the system’s key functions under test. A blocking error causes the application to become inoperable, as a result of which further work with the system under test or its key functions becomes impossible. The solution to the problem is necessary for the further functioning of the system. You will not be able to create and describe a convincing test case if you do not understand precisely how this or that functionality of the program should be implemented.

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