What Kills Long Relationships?

Long-distance relationships tend to be difficult to preserve and often fizzle away faster than traditional types. They require far more attention, better communication, and a stronger emotional bond. It isn’t really just one element that ruins LDRs; a series of small things such as infidelity, neglect, and insecurity are usually responsible for them. This post will help you understand what kills long relationships so that you can avoid them and save your relationship.

Lack of communication

Conversation is a key element aspect to any relationship, nevertheless it’s all the more crucial in long-distance ones. If you are not able to connect successfully with your partner, it will bring about misunderstandings and problems in the near future. This is probably the most common issue that eliminates long range relationships.


Insecurity is known as a major problem which could kill any kind of long-distance romance. When you are in a long-distance romance, you have to be extra careful about the people you spend period with and the places you visit. Otherwise, your partner may possibly start suspecting that you are seeing other people and would begin to question your dependability.

Insecurities can also result in jealousy and cheating. If you find yourself envying the partner’s good friends or colleagues, it is a clear sign that you are insecure and that the length is leading to some problems in the romance. Moreover, in the event you are benching your spouse for whatever reason, is best to let them know about it and find out if you can work with the issue.

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