Break Bad Habits

Break Bad Habits 

Quickly learn, through proven methods and aversion therapy how to break your bad habits once and for. Whether you want to quit smoking, quit snacking all day, or stop complaining and thinking negative thoughts, the Pavlok method will work for you.

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the Basics

This section of the habit track will lay the foundation to help you better understand how habits work, how they are formed, and what reinforces them. With this knowledge you can go on to the other parts of this track and understand why we assign exactly what we do and how it will help you achieve your goal of staying committed.

Part 2: Leveraging Micro-Habits

One of the easiest, and most effective ways to create HUGE change in your life is by leveraging micro-habits, small but powerful actions that stack to create larger change. In this section we will discuss micro-habits, how to use them, and give you the tools to get started right away.

Part 3: Breaking Bad Habits with Pavlovian Conditioning

Pavlovian (Classical) conditioning is MORE than just high school science — it’s the MOST PERMANENT and MOST EFFECTIVE way to BREAK bad habits.

Part 4: Accountability

One of the most effective ways to build good habits, or break bad ones, is to leverage the power of accountability. If a “magic pill” for habit change exists, accountability would be as close as it gets.

Part 5: How To Use Pavlok To Break Bad Habits

In this lesson, we’ll share how you can use each of the Pavlok hardware and app’s features to improve your chances of success.

Maneesh Sethi


Founder Maneesh Sethi has a solid track record as an entrepreneur: he ran the website Hack the System and invented the “big brother” of Shock Clock, the Pavlok which successfully raised over $280,000 in 2014 on Indiegogo, and now has been shipped to over 30,000 people globally.

He also headed up the design and manufacturing of the Original Shock Clock and its successful indiegogo campaign in 2015. The Original Shock Clock raised over $300,000 and has been shipped to over 30,000 users worldwide

He has also written four programming books (including an international bestseller), and helped launch numerous New York Times Bestsellers (such as The 4- Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss).

Behavioral Technology Group (parent company to Pavlok and now Shock Clock) has grown to include 10 all-star team members specializing in software design, engineering, marketing and customer service.