Over the last three years, I’ve dedicated my life to solving the mystery of bad habits… How they work, and how to change bad habits.

Along the way, I discovered a very powerful method that led to the creation of Pavlok, the only wearable device proven to help you break bad habits.

Aversion therapy is a type of conditioning where the user is exposed to a stimulus while at the same time subjected to some form of discomfort, or negative stimulus.

Where your bad habit is the stimulus, right now your body associates your bad habit with a positive payoff.

What we are going to do in the next five days is train your body to associate your bad habit with a negative stimulus, and break the payoff loop.

For today, we aren’t going to start with any conditioning.

Understanding WHY you do the habit is the first step to change. So… Why is it so difficult for you to quit?

Today, your homework is simple.

For the next 24 hours, you’ll want to track your bad habit, when you do it, and how you feel.

Becoming hyper-aware of when your habit occurs will help us identify what is triggering your bad habit, and will be the foundation for the next four days.

Step 1: Download your Habit Tracking Worksheet

Step 2: Please print it out and carry it with you today.

Step 3: Whenever you catch yourself craving the habit, or doing the habit, jot down the information on the worksheet.

Step 4: At the end of the day, go back over your results. Do you notice any patterns? Are you in the same location, or feeling a certain way when you do the habit?

If you start to notice a pattern, this will shed light on what the trigger and payoff is to your habit pattern.

Don’t worry if you can’t record every situation, or if you only have time to answer a couple prompts at a time. ­­More information will help you succeed and see your progress!