Want to Work at Pavlok?

Interested in joining the team at Pavlok?

Working at Pavlok is not just a job. Working at Pavlok means making a meaningful impact on the world.

Who is Pavlok?


Pavlok is a behavioral change company. We are the creators of the Pavlok Behavior Change Wearable and the Shock Clock — devices that uses physical sensations (and electric stimuli) to rapidly change habits, reduce cravings, and wake up on time. We merge technology, psychology, and behavioral economics to understand our users and help them achieve their best goals.

 Where will I work?

Our company is based out of beautiful Boston, MA. We work out of an amazing hacker space called MassChallenge, with dozens of other early stage startups. Some roles are Boston-only, but some others allow remote as well.

What do we care about?

Pavlok is different than most companies. We don’t believe in winning in a competitive market — we believe in creating markets. Our currency is not based in $ of revenue — it’s based on # of habits changed.

At Pavlok, our deepest desire is to help our users achieve their ultimate goals.

Current Openings: