Pavlok Excel

Pavlok Excel

Make Your Best Self Your REAL Self!

Change Is Hard, Pavlok Makes It Easy

Pavlok Excel is a membership community built to provide all the tools you need to succeed in making lasting change in your life!

Pavlok Excel is the only program specifically designed to help you achieve personal excellence.





Join a network with 1000’s of people who are working on the same type of change that you are.

Gain personal access to habit coaches, experts in making change and sticking with it.

Instantly receive dozens of guides on change at your fingertips– from habit hacking to being more productive.

With membership you get our flagship habit change product, Pavlok. The first wearable device that doesnt just track you behavior, but changes it!

How Does Pavlok Excel Work?



Pavlok Excel is a monthly membership program that gives you all the tools you need to pursue excellence in your life.


Do you want to:

  • Become a morning person

  • Quit smoking

  • Be more productive

  • Quit complaining

  • Be more grateful and happy

  • Workout more consistently

  • Quit snacking and eating unhealthy foods

Whatever excellence might look like in your life, Pavlok Excel is the program to help you affect change and make your best self your REAL self.

Are you ready to become the best version of you? Sign up below and get started immediately!


What Do I Get With Pavlok Excel?



Your Pavlok Excel Membership Comes With All The Following:

2nd Generation Pavlok Habit Changing Hardware

Pavlok’s groundbreaking habit changing hardware uses beep, vibration, and zap to help you break bad habits and instill good ones. With advanced motion sensing technology and multiple integrations online and via the Pavlok app you get instant feedback on good behaviors as well as bad.

Pavlok habit change hardware has amazing success rates. In the last 12 months 75% of smokers who have used Pavlok to quit did so in as little as five days.

If you’re serious about change, Pavlok is the next step!

Pavlok Habit Coach

We know how hard it is to change. We also know that it’s harder alone. That’s why we have been working with some of the best personal coaches in the world and developed the Pavlok habit coaching program.

When you sign up for the Pavlok Excel you get access to our world class habit coaches. Immediately after signing up you’ll be prompted to schedule a call with a habit coach to help you get started.

Your coach will find out exactly what you want to achieve and help lay out the steps to get you there.

Do you know why the world’s top athletes still hire private coaches even after reaching the pinnacle of success? Because they want to stay on top. Now you have access to a coach to help get you there as well.

Community and accountability

Gain access to a diverse community of like-minded people who want to make the same changes you do.

Whether you are a business executive looking to get more productive, or a college student who wants to get up on time, there are others just like you in the Pavlok Excel community.

Ask questions, set up accountability challenges, set stakes for failure and rewards for success. With community and accountability you are sure to reach your own definition of personal excellence.

Habit guides

Your monthly membership also includes access to dozens of guides written by Pavlok habit experts and habit coaches.

Not sure where to to start to make the change you want to see in your life? Start here. Habit guides lay out the science behind specific types of change, steps to implement that change, best practices to keep from falling off the wagon, and much, much more!

Premium, members-only content

Members get access to weekly success emails and premium audio content.

Every week we will send you an email with success stories from users like you and how they got there. These down-to-earth stories will prove that change is possible, no matter your circumstance!

Each month Pavlok founder and CEO, Maneesh Sethi, talks with some of the biggest names in the world about how they implemented change, and how you can too.

Our premium content is sure to inspire change in your life and help show you the path to get there.



What Do I Do Next?



Just Follow These Three Easy Steps



Sign Up!

Use any of the yellow buttons on this page to sign up for Pavlok Excel. Once you get signed up we will ship your Pavlok habit change hardware. You’ll also gain instant access to our directory of Excellence guides ranging in topics from hacking habits, being more productive, to building a morning routine.

Set Up Your Initial Call With A Habit Coach

After you’ve signed up you will be prompted to set up your first call with one of Pavlok’s expert habit coaches. On this call you will review your goals in pursuing excellence and receive guidance and specific action steps to take as you initially get started on this journey of change.

Join The Pavlok Excel Community

As a member of Pavlok Excel you have access to an entire community and its resources. You can join the private Facebook, get weekly success emails, get access to a private podcast, and more.

Many people around the world are trying to change exactly what you are, now you can connect with them, find the support you need, and help each other out along the way.