Get a Pavlok today! (payment plan)

Pavlok is a wearable device that helps you break bad habits.

Habits are changed using aversive conditioning — a 5-day process where you associate the zap with the habit you want to change.

Many habits are broken in the first week. If you only need it for one habit, you can rent Pavlok until your habit is broken.

Right now — rent Pavlok, and we’ll ship you the device.Shipments leave our warehouse in 2-5 days, with a delivery time that varies based on how far you are from our Boston or Chicago warehouse (generally less than 7 days).You’ll be charged your first $29.99 + shipping today, and then $29.99 monthly. You can upgrade your device to any new Pavlok devices (such as the Pavlok 2), or cancel your payments, by emailing [email protected].


  • Damage protection — dropped the device? Send your device back and we’ll exchange it right away.
  • Water protection — got water damage? Send your device back, and we’ll exchange it right away.
  • Upgrade protection — Want to upgrade from Pavlok 1 to Pavlok 2? Send your device back, and we’ll upgrade you to the new one!