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David's Testimonial Headshot
David G

I’ve survived cancer and a heart attack so my diet has to be kept to a whole-food plant-based diets so I use Pavlok…There’s nothing else that works. If you don’t get a Pavlok you are going to fail…I think a person is a fool if they don’t at least give it a try.

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Heather's Testimonial Headshot
Heather O

I have been biting my nails for 25 years… After many failed attempts I just wasn’t successful and I continued to bite my nails especially when I was on the computer, driving, deep in thought. [Pavlok] helped with the success of quitting nail biting.

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Carlos Testimonial Headshot
Carlos P

I’ve been smoking for over 15 years, almost a pack a day, and I’ve tried over 20 times to try to stop smoking. I’ve used Chantix, I’ve used the gum, the patch, even hypnosis, nothing ever worked. I heard about Pavlok and decided why not give it a try… and I’m so happy that I did.

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Bud H Testimonial Headshot
Bud H

I used Pavlok to quit smoking and I am proud proof that it actually did work. You do have to be committed to the process but I […] couldn’t be happier. I can honestly say with no hyperbole pavlov has really changed my life.

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Tasha Testimonial Headshot
Tasha B

I didn’t want to shock myself so I wouldn’t eat the food in the first place. [So now…] I haven’t had any refined sugar, which is awesome…I feel like I’m back in control of my relationship with food. I feel like I have a much healthier relationship with food.

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Nagina Testimonial HeadshotNagina A

I’ve had a problem with biting my nails my entire life — I’ve tried everything to stop. I decided to try Pavlok — within 2 days, I’m so much more aware of myself biting my nails, and I catch myself before I do it.”

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Marty Testimonial Headshot

Before I started using Pavlok, I was smoking about 18 cigarettes a day. With Pavlok, I’ve [in first week] been averaging about 7 a day. [… Week four] is my first week not smoking at all… whenever I drive by a gas station and think, ‘Maybe I’ll get a pack’, I just shock myself.

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Naomi Testimonial Headshot

I just started associating the wanting to touch my hair with the zapping, and it pretty much cut down on my hair pulling immediate […] I can see results in my scalp, its much better than its ever been And im just feeling better about my appearance. […] I feel kind of liberated.

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Louis W Testimonial Headshot
Louis W

Pavlok is one of the most essential parts of my daily life. […] As a result of Pavlok, I’ve gone from being a […] scrub to waking up at 7:20am every single day without fail, […] and I’m on my way to elimnating my nailbiting habit […] completely. So yeah, it’s powerful.

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Sarah L Testimonial Headshot
Sarah L

Honestly, [the Pavlok] along with my personal want to be like, “I’m not doing that anymore,” I haven’t pulled a single hair out in a week. Which for me is like a major deal because I can’t think of a single day that I haven’t pulled out a hair for as long as I can remember.

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Rachman B Testimonial Headshot
Rachman B

I just hit the Pavlok, which will shock me […] that will help wake me up for one and two, it creates a negative association with hitting snooze button. […] Instead of hitting the sleep more/ get fired/ waste your life button, I hit the Pavlok.

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Brennan M Testimonial Headshot
Brennan M

I get in a sugar comma, I fall asleep, and lose part of my day. […] I’m zapping myself when I eat [a cookie], to see if I lose the urge to eat these stupid cookies […] Oddly enough I haven’t eatn any of those cookies since. […] ]I use my Pavlok to stop my cookie addiction.

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Put Oversleeping To Bed!


Really have trouble waking up? Use our piezo electric shock feature that is guaranteed to wake you up or your money back.



Wake Up Refreshed Every Day With Pavlok Sleep Tracking


Learn about your sleep pattern and set your alarm to wake up refreshed at just the right time.



Never Oversleep Again


Never miss your alarm again with the snooze app, an alarm you can’t “snooze” but have to do jumping jacks to deactivate!


Out With the Old…Habits


Ever get sick on bad food, or by having too much to drink, only to swear it off in the future? That’s an “aversion”. Pavlok 2 helps you create aversions to break your bad habits.



Become Shockingly Aware


Zap yourself to reduce cravings in the moment. Set up automatic triggers (like hand detect, time, location) to keep you aware.



Change Your Habit Simply, Easily, And Quickly With Our 5-Day Habit Course


Pavlok CEO, Maneesh Sethi, will take you step-by-step through the process of successfully breaking bad habits…for good!


…In With the New


Using community, technology, and psychology you can get on a path to creating a lifetime of good habits.



A Community You Can Depend On


Surround yourself with 1000’s of people who have already succeeded at doing exactly what you desire.



Get Rewarded With Volts


Get rewarded for good behavior and unlock more features and new courses with our in-app currency, Volts!



Integrate Your Goals


Pavlok 2 integrates with your life and tech. Whether its a mobile app, or through IFTTT, you can integrate your Pavlok 2 to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals!


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