⚡ Overcoming Perfectionism and The Critical Mind

Click here to here, to hear Pavlok’s very own, Nicholas share his Pavlok story, and see his incredible beard.

Happy Motivation Monday Pavlokians,

Today is #MotivationMonday! I just finished up my trip to Tanzania, and it was A-MAZING.

Today I’m very excited to share an interview with Pavlok’s very own Nicholas who has used Pavlok to overcome perfectionism and help turn off his “critical entrepreneur” inner voice.

If you’re an entrepreneur or creative type, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Building your business often requires spending your entire day putting out metaphorical fires and turning off after a long days work isn’t always easy.

What I like most about Nicholas’ story is that he was able to use Pavlok to consciously become aware when his critical/negative inner voice started to take over and has seen some pretty incredible results.

Click here to give Nick’s interview a listen.

Talk soon,

-Maneesh Sethi

CEO of Pavlok

P.S The big Pavlok 2 launch day is Wednesday. You have a few days more to get your pre-order discount.

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