5 Unique Ways To Use Pavlok

Since founding Pavlok several years ago, we have literally seen hundreds of successful use cases with our Pavlok wearable.

While we’ve covered how Pavlok has helped users stop smoking, wake up on time, and be more productive, today I wanted to share a few unique ways to use Pavlok 2 that you may not have thought of.

Beyond The Zap

While Pavlok was founded on the principle of administering a light shock to reduce destructive behaviors, the beep and vibrate features are just as powerful! With three options to choose from, there a nearly endless amount of applications. Not only can you reduce your bad habits, but you can also use the Pavlok 2 as your personal assistant for reminders as well as a daily awareness tool.

Stop Your Child From Sucking Their Thumb With A Beep

Thumb sucking is a habit that is formed from an early age. But getting the little ones to break that habit doesn’t come easy. Of course, the Pavlok 2 zap feature is not suitable for a young child, but using the beep and vibrate feature can be just as effective.

Thanks to Pavlok 2’s new and improved motion sensor technology, you can have the Pavlok 2 beep every time your child brings their hand close to their mouth.  The beep or vibration can be programed however you wish. After just a few weeks you should start seeing a noticeable improvement in thumb sucking reduction.

Public Accountability

With the Pavlok 2 it’s easier than ever to be held publicly accountable for your goals. For example, you can set up a system to make sure you write each day. Or you can set other specific goals for yourself while Pavlok holds you accountable.

Let’s say you’ve committed to going to the gym 3 times a week. With our IFTTT integrations, you can make it so you MUST check in to the gym location Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If you don’t “check-in”, a link to zap you is automatically sent to all your social media services with the text

“I didn’t go to the gym today. Zap me!”

It’s easy to succumb to excuses when no one is watching. Pavlok 2 ensures you stay on track.

Drop And Give Me 10

Even if you’ve formed the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis, sitting at your computer for 10-12 hours a day isn’t doing your health any favors.

One way to ensure you take a few breaks to get up and move is by setting several reminders on your Pavlok alarm throughout the day. When it goes off, simply stand up do a few jumping jacks or if you’re feeling extra adventurous knock out a few push-ups in the office.

Your body will thank you.

Drink Your Water!

The benefits of drinking enough water are undeniable, given the majority of Americans suffer from varying degrees of dehydration.

You can use the Pavlok 2 multiple alarm feature to remind you when to drink water throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water at your desk and when the vibration goes off just take a sip.

We’ve had Pavlok users effortlessly double their water intake without making any other drastic changes in their daily routine.

Earn Volts!

One of the most exciting developments with Pavlok 2 and our brand new Pavlok Core app, is you are now able to earn our in-app currency Volts, for performing certain behaviors.

Not only will you reap the benefits of building healthy habits, but you will also earn Volts that you can use to purchase app upgrades and other goodies within the app.

Earning Volts is as easy as checking in daily, doing jumping jacks and disarming your alarm at a defined time, or dozens of other positive behaviors throughout the day.

Want to go through one of our premium habit change courses? Use your volts to dig in.

Want to vote on our future integrations and features? Volts gives you a say.

While we will be sharing more about the Volts ecosystem shortly, let’s just say earning and collecting Volts will totally be worth it. 🙂

Pavlok 2 isn’t just the best habit change wearable on the market; it’s the only wearable that will reward you for good habits.

With just a beep, zap, or buzz, the possibilities are endless.

Pre-order your Pavlok 2 today.

P.S Have a special use case of Pavlok 2 we haven’t covered? We would love to hear from you!

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