A quick update on Pavlok Shipments


Thank you everyone for your patience!

Here are some quick updates for Pavlok backers.


We have FINALLY started shipping international units!  Hooray!

We had a few final kinks in our shipping and firmware process, but I’m happy to announce we’ve fixed the major bugs. We have 1350 international orders to produce, and our batch of 1500 begins arriving on Tuesday next week.

Our goal is to ship out all International IGG orders next week.

Any international orders after that will ship out in the order received.


If you supported Pavlok on IndieGogo, and you are from the USA, you should have received your Pavlok. If you haven’t, please email [email protected].

We have shipped the majority of Domestic Pavloks, including almost all that were purchased in the winter or spring of 2015. We expect to have shipped out ALL Pavlok units in the next two weeks.

If you haven’t received a shipping notification, please be patient — we expect to have your unit shipped out in a matter of days!

2 thoughts on “A quick update on Pavlok Shipments

  1. I was happy to see this update. I have been wanting to order Pavlok, however I have a difficult time ordering something with an unknown or even a 6 week ship date. When you have reached THE DAY and are ready to make the commitment to correct something that is negatively affecting your life, an answer of Sorry, we don’t have any of these now, but we will eventually get it to you is frustrating. That being said, if I order now, what would be the projected ship date? Thank you for listening and I will look forward to using your product in the future.

  2. Hello, i would like to buy a device, but i do not own a visa card. Is it possible to pay in a different way( Paypal for example)?

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