How Alex Used Pavlok To Become A Happier And Healthier Entrepreneur + Last Chance To Get Your Pavlok 2 For Christmas

Happy #MotivationMonday fellow shockers,

A few months ago, we decided to dive deeper into the incredible stories of the Pavlok community. Reading about how Pavlok users have quit smoking, stopped sleeping in, and cut back on sugar and more… is one thing.

But watching and hearing them share their stories really captures the often life-changing moments of Pavlok users just like you.

Our very own Alex Olapade sat down with over a dozen Pavlok users and helped share their stories and in the process learned many of the common themes of the Pavlok community around the world. As a Pavlok user himself, Alex has used Pavlok to become a healthier, happier, and more productive entrepreneur.

Today we put him on the other side of the mic so that he could share his incredible story.

As an entrepreneur, musician, and producer, it’s essential that Alex does everything he can to give him a competitive edge, and in today’s interview he shares how he has effectively used Pavlok. In addition to hearing more about his daily routine and some of his favorite Pavlok hacks, Alex also shares his biggest takeaways from the #MotivationMonday interviews he’s produced over the last few months.

I think you’ll find his story incredibly inspiring and relate to the many take aways he learned from doing our #MotivationMonday interviews.


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You can get your Pavlok 2 at our special holiday price of $199.97 and have it arrive just in time for the holidays.

Make this year the year you stop giving gift cards, and give the gift that can change lives.

Order your Pavlok 2 now.

-Maneesh Sethi
CEO of Pavlok

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