Android Users: What’s coming up / Beta App

Hi Android Users.


We are hard at work perfecting the Android experience. Most devices are working well, but a set of devices are having trouble with connection/pairing.

We are finalizing the updates before we send out the Firmware Update.

DANGER: This is a super beta build. We HIGHLY recommend you do not download this app. Instead, wait until the next update (within a few days) which will have a better process and more updated app.

However, if you’re not going to listen to me anyway, proceed.

First, unpair your device in the Android Settings -> Bluetooth window. (Hit Forget Device  or Unpair)

For now, you can download the most advanced version here: .

Download this file to your android phone, make sure that you’ve enabled ‘allow untrusted developers’ in the settings window.

We intend to have a new Android Build ready by Saturday 10/24, that will allow you to upgrade your firmware. Please be patient, as we want to perfectly test the app to make sure it works.

14 thoughts on “Android Users: What’s coming up / Beta App

  1. What is the current firmware version for the device?

    I got an OTA update yesterday that looked like it failed, but now when I charge my Pavlok, the lights flash.

    My app says the firmware version is



      1. Can you guys add in the firmware update to increase the shock strengths if people want it. When I first got the pavlok I was on track for the first couple of days because I was soo scared of the possible shock but once I used it, the fear was completely gone and since then it’s been harder to stay on track because the shock is not strong enough even on full strength could you add an option for people to increase the strength.

    1. How did you update? Where is the Android app? The app does not seem to be in the appstore on Amazon. How the heck do I get up to date!? Been looking for ages.
      Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Hi there,

    Any news about new build? I’d like to update the firmware of my just-arrived device before start using it but I would like to avoid having to install a beta version..


  3. As an android developer, and a newbie to development at that, I’d love to know how to directly interface with the Pavlok. If you can email any instructions, please send them to teksune[at] Any help is greatly appreciated.

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