blu eCigs vs Pavlok

blu eCigs promote themselves as the top eCig on the market. Great, they sell lots, but do they actually work? Not if you want to quit smoking.

blu eCigs are not for quitting smoking and the company says not to use it that way

That surprised me.

When I asked the company for blu’s success rates for quitting smoking they went silent and then started with the lawyer talk:

Please be aware that we are not a smoking cessation device and no electronic cig has been approved by the FDA to make that claim. We are an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Okay. So:

  • blu eCig is not a device for quitting smoking;
  • no electronic cigarette is FDA approved to help you quit smoking;
  • And the main use is as an alternative to tobacco.

What? An alternative to smoking? I’m not going to choose “fruits and berries” flavour instead of Marlboro, Newport or Basics.

If you are serious about quitting a bad habit, Pavlok uses mild electric shock to help you do it. It’s not some magic device that stops smoking instantly, it’s a powerful tool based on 80+ years of aversion science that helps you stick to your goal of quitting.

BTW, here is the actual chat I had with a blu eCig representative…

Thank you for choosing blu eCigs. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with ‘Jocquelyn’

Jocquelyn: Hello. Thank you for contacting Blu e-Cigs Support Center. My name is Jocquelyn. How may I assist you today?

Michael: Hi, how much does blu cost?

Jocquelyn: Depends on which kit you want

Jocquelyn: Rechargeable is 34.95

Michael: Does that last forever?

Jocquelyn: Plus kit is 42.99 which is the best kit.

Jocquelyn: There is a 1 year warranty on the product.

Michael: And do I buy flavour cartridges too?

Jocquelyn: A pack comes with the starter kit, but you would have to purchase additional cartridges to use the product.

Michael: How much are the cartridges?

Jocquelyn: PREMIUM

Jocquelyn: 1 Five Pack $12.80

Jocquelyn: 2 Five Packs $11.00 ea.

Jocquelyn: 5 Five Packs $10.00 ea.

Jocquelyn: PREMIUM 100

Jocquelyn: 1 Five Pack $13.80

Jocquelyn: 2 Five Packs $11.90 ea.

Jocquelyn: 5 Five Packs $10.80 ea.

Michael: is a 5 pack good for 5 “smoke breaks”?

Jocquelyn: 1 cartridge is equal to 1 pack of cigarettes.

Jocquelyn: A pack of cartridges contain 5 cartridges.

Michael: I see, and do you have any data on using blu to quit smoking? success rates, etc.

Jocquelyn: Please be aware that we are not a smoking cessation device and no electronic cig has been approved by the FDA to make that claim.

Jocquelyn: We are an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Michael: ok, thanks, see ya

Marty Used Pavlok To Quit Chain Smoking

Marty is a 25 year old guy that had been smoking for 7 years. He smoked 18 cigarettes per day.

After 1 week with Pavlok, Marty was down to 7 cigarettes per day and a pack would last him 3 days. He was happy with his progress and with all the money he was saving.

The next week Marty set a goal of 3 cigarettes per day. The result? He only had 2.

If I grabbed my pack I would shock myself, every time I picked up a cigarette I would shock myself. Every time I lit a cigarette I would shock myself, and every time I took a drag I would shock myself. I made it this big hassle so that I’d only smoke if I really really wanted too.

The next week he had just 1 per day, without the cravings.

And by week 4 Marty had completely quit smoking.

He was thrilled, “To be able to quit smoking in 3 weeks is pretty fast in my book!”

Okay, so Marty is just one guy but there are also countless studies on using electric shock to quit bad habits.

Scientific Study Shows Electric Shock Helps Up To 67% Of Motivated People Quit Smoking

cigarette-consumptionBack in 1970 Hamilton Russell, a UK doctor and member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, did a study on how electric shock helps smokers quit their habit.

The study was posted in the British Medical Journal and was very promising.

After 3 sessions, the average number of cigarettes smoked daily dropped from 22 to 1.

After 5 sessions, most patients had stopped smoking completely.

But the doctor wanted to make sure the change was permanent. One year after completing the study, 67% were still not smoking.

The doctor concluded that “electric aversion is a powerful suppressor of cigarette smoking.”

Some blu eCigs Contain Twice As Much Nicotine As Cigarettes

Anyone who smokes knows that nicotine is the chemical that makes tobacco products so addictive. So you’d think that a good alternative to smoking would have zero nicotine or at least way less nicotine than cigarettes.

But it turns out that each blu cartridge has up to 18mg of nicotine. For comparison, the average cigarette in the United States contains only 9mg of nicotine. I’d guess that twice as much nicotine would make eCigs twice as addictive.

Pavlok is made of electricity and is not addictive. Our goal is to help you break your bad habit, not replace it with a slightly less bad habit that is more expensive and more addictive.

5 years of blu eCigs costs $4715+
5 years of Pavlok costs $199

blu eCigs has a business model that is really expensive for you (which is why their company makes so much money).

You know how when you buy a razor, then you have to buy all the expensive blades for years? Or when you buy a printer and it’s cheap but then ink refills are so expensive? blu eCigs does the same thing.

blu says their best kit is $42.99 which includes an ecigarette and only 1 pack of flavour cartridges. That won’t last long.

Because blu claims to be an alternative to smoking tobacco, it seems you will still smoke just as much (and possibly more with the extra nicotine). They say 1 flavour cartridge is equal to 1 pack of regular cigarettes and the cartridges come in packs of 5 for about $12.80. Okay, what does that mean?

  • Assuming you smoke a pack a day, blu eCigs will cost you $934.40 per year.
  • If you smoke 2 packs a day, then it costs you $1868.80 per year.
  • If you smoke 3 packs a day, it goes up to $2803.20 per year.

You get the idea. The more you smoke the more expensive blu eCigs are as an alternative. And it is a lot of money, for $2800 you could go on a 7 day vacation with your spouse, or pay off debt, or save for a house, and a lot of other stuff too.

Look at what this guy had to say about blu eCigs pricing:


So blu eCigs aren’t used to quit smoking and they can easily cost you thousands of dollars per year.

But Pavlok has a really simple pricing model. You just buy your unit for $199 and then you own it forever. Plus it comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

And Pavlok has a program where if your friend buys from a link you share with them then you earn 20% in cash (about $40). If you refer just 5 people it’s like getting your Pavlok for free. And if you refer 5 more then Pavlok will send you $200.

blu eCigs Are Easy To Forget At Home And Need Constant Recharging

There is one more way to compare blu eCigs with Pavlok, and that’s on convenience.

Whenever I leave the house, I take my keys, phone and wallet. I know that if I have those 3 things, I’ll be fine. But the eCig is another thing to remember to bring, and another thing I have to carry. What do you do on days you forget? Maybe go back to smoking cigarettes.

Pavlok is a wearable wristband, like a watch, that you can put on in the morning and don’t have to worry about for the rest of the day.

And another thing about convenience is charging. In the last few years the number of things you have to charge has probably tripled. Before it was just a cellphone. And now it’s a phone, and an iPad and maybe a laptop and on and on. This means it’s really important that your devices have good batteries that last a long time.

How often do blu eCigs need charged?

blu eCigs typically need a full charge every day. I had to do some math for this because blu presents the data in a tricky way, i.e., # of puffs. But basically it takes 1 full charge to smoke 1 cartridge. If you smoke a pack a day then you have to charge every day. Just like you have to charge your phone and your tablet and everything else.

How often does Pavlok need charged?

Pavlok needs charged just once or twice per week and it takes just 20 minutes each time. Similar to a good quality electric razor.

So, blu eCigs or Pavlok?

Pavlok is cheaper and more effective than blu eCigs — it should be an easy choice.

BTW, here is a discount code to get 10% off your Pavlok device: BONUS10

The discount goes on the very last page and we usually limit codes to 24 hours.

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  1. interesting, how does it work? It just gives you an electric shock when you want a cigarette? Do you have to activate it or does it just shock you in ;a regular basis or is it a very minute electric charge which is applied constantly to you?

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