Change Your Reward

Click here to watch my short video on rewards. 

Yesterday we discussed “actions” and how they are an important part of the habit loop.

Hopefully you were able to find some replacement actions for the bad habit you’re trying to break.

For today’s final video, I’m going to discuss how rewards impact your habit change success.

Rewards are a feeling or external factor that encourages you do a certain habit.

If you’re trying to stop a habit, you need to get rid of the pleasure of the habit you’re doing.

It’s that simple.

Pavlok was specifically designed to add a slight amount of uncomfortableness to help you reduce your “reward” of performing a bad habit.

For example, I used Pavlok to stop eating potato chips.

For the first few days, each time I ate a potato chip I would use Pavlok to zap myself.

After just a few times of doing this, I quickly started thinking to myself “Is the potato chip worth a zap”

The answer was almost always no.

Today’s task is to identify the rewards from your bad habit. Once you figure that out, write out 3 ways in which you can make the habit less pleasurable.

You’re now well on your way to destroying your bad habits.

Did you enjoy this week’s mini series on the habit loop? Comment below and let me know!

P.S Next week I’m going to be releasing even more videos on how to break bad habits.

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