How Dave Rogenmoser Stopped Grinding His Teeth (and Quit Sleeping In)

There are literally one million puns we could use for teeth grinding… But it’s only Monday, and you haven’t had enough coffee.

Here’s what you need to know: Dave was an avid teeth-grinder for years. AND he had trouble waking up on time.

But a lifetime of grinding your teeth with leave you with stubs and tooth pain… Plus an annoyed partner.

Stopping teeth-grinding AND waking up on time? Now THAT is a #motivationmonday story.

His comments on “opening the box was a premium—-almost Apple like experience” made me blush :). The packaging and design is the part of the product that I handled on my own, so I was happy to hear that Dave loved it as much as I do 🙂

What could you use Pavlok to change? What habit would you break?

I want your motivational story to start today – and for you to quit your habits at last!

Dave used a Pavlok to change his habits for good. The Pavlok includes all alarm clock features, plus bad habit features. If you’re only interested in waking up earlier, the Shock Clock is for you. See more about the Pavlok vs Shock Clock Differences here.


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