David Stopped Grinding his Teeth


David had a bad habit of grinding his teeth. It was annoying to the people around him, and most importantly it is very bad for your teeth. “I’m a constant teeth grinder. It’s a very difficult habit to control because I do it so unconsciously.”

David was so excited to try the Pavlok that he became one of the prototype users. He’s been helping Pavlok perfect the product while working to break his own bad habits.

“There is nothing quite like the first shock that you receive. When I opened the envelope, of course I was very excited. It’s not that the shock is intense, you just don’t know what to expect and it surprises you.”

Pavlok’s 5 day, 5 minute protocol

For 5 days straight, shock yourself whenever you are doing the habit you wish to break, doing this at least 5 minutes a day. You can do the habit on purpose and shock yourself, or just shock yourself whenever you catch yourself doing it. After 5 days, you should notice an aversion to doing that action.

David used the 5 day, 5 minute protocol and he was able to completely stop grinding his teeth.

David noticed a big difference after the 5 days

Many users note that the most immediate effect of using Pavlok is that they become much more aware of their bad habit.

“The first day that I did it, I found that I was already much more aware of the issue. After 5 days, I would estimate that I reduced my teeth grinding by 80% That’s huge for me.”


2 thoughts on “David Stopped Grinding his Teeth

    1. Yes! That’s the most amazing part. Quitting the habit consciously also eliminated the habit while he was unconscious. He now wakes up in the morning with no jaw pain!

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