Entrepreneur Magazine’s List of 100 brilliant companies – 2015


Mind Meld

MindMeld allows companies to add a voice-driven “intelligent assistant” to their apps, specific to product catalogs.

Asus Chromebit

A pocket-sized computer on a stick, priced at less than $100, the Asus Chromebit can turn any display into a full computer, making it an excellent upgrade for an existing desktop and a great tool for schools and businesses.


Saygus turns the smartphone into the superphone, with wireless HD connection for streaming to your big screen, wireless charging, 3D sound, a 21-megapixel camera and 320GB of storage, plus it’s waterproof.


Toss the Ponano into the air and it will give you a 100-megapixel, 3600 panoramic shot of your surroundings, with you right in the middle it.

Penclic Mouse

A computer mouse that looks, feels and moves like a pen, allowing for a relaxed and natural working position, and less risk of repetitive stress injury.


Designed to be a “smartphone in smartwatch clothing”, the Atomic can make and receive calls, text and surf using a separate microSIM card, interact on social networks, and even use apps from the Google App Store.


Biomeme attaches to your iPhone 5, allowing you to analyze DNA in less than an hour, at a fraction of the usual price of DNA testing, and with a system so simple a seven-year-old could use it.


Loopwheels reinvents the wheel by adding shock-absorption inside the wheels themselves, making for a smoother ride for bikes, wheelchairs and more.


A smart LED lightbulb that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, tells you when to wake and when to sleep, and creates atmosphere, mood and focus.

Airware’s Aerial Information Platform

A safe and reliable operating system for commercial drones, the Aerial Information Platform allows businesses to manage fleets of commercial drones.

Business Tools


AnyPerk enables companies to incentivize their employees via hundreds of products and services nationwide such as discounted gym memberships, restaurant and travel deals, clothing and free movie tickets, that don’t expire and can recur monthly.

AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange

A crowdsourced platform, where small businesses from 140-plus countries monitor and discuss digital risks via the contribution of more than 1 million threat indicators daily.


With GroupAhead, organizations can build dedicated smartphone apps (no tech skill required) for the exclusive use of their members, allowing them to communicate, schedule events, send reminders and lots more.


Automates expense reporting by collecting credit card transactions, matching them to scanned receipts, and creating a smart expense report for review and approval on the go or via email.

Narrative Science

Takes big data, spreadsheets and complex visualizations, and transforms them into narratives, which are summaries designed specifically to highlight the data that is important to the specific reader. help startups get everything for launch, including customers, press, funding and mentors.

Duet Display

Duet Display is an app that saves you money and space by turning your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac laptop or desktop.

PCH International

PCH International bridges the gap between idea and production of the final product, including everything from product design engineering and development, manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment, distribution and retail, and ultimately the customer out-of-box experience.


Allows companies to get rid of paperwork, giving new hires a better first day by using a 100% digital onboarding solution, allowing for easy entry of data, which is saved in a secure 256-bit AES encrypted data center.


A software platform that creates compelling marketing content, crafted according to data collected via web-based questionnaires optimized for high response rates.

Finance and Capital

Community Sourced Capital

Community Sourced Capital is helping small businesses and local economies thrive by providing them with a collaborative network where they can borrow affordable and responsible capital at zero interest.

Women’s Venture Capital Fund

The Women’s Venture Capital Fund invests in businesses with at least one woman in a leadership role, based on the conviction that gender-diversity in teams improves decision-making, raises quality standards, and ultimately makes the venture more profitable.


ZestFinance brings together machine learning and thousands of potential credit variables, empowering lenders to better assess factors such as the potential for fraud, the risk of default, and the viability of a long-term customer relationship.


FlashFunders is a no-fee equity investment platform that saves entrepreneurs thousands of dollars by offering them SEC-compliant documents and FDIC-insured escrow accounts, and streamlining the fundraising process.


With Fundbox, small businesses can now have better cash flow by clearing outstanding invoices and getting the amount transferred to their bank accounts instantly and securely, rather than waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid.


VerInvest makes it simpler for qualified financiers to verify their accredited investor status and connect with startups seeking capital by providing a secure, confidential verification platform that eases compliance with securities laws.

Pipeline Fellowship

Pipeline Fellowship is set to change the face of angel investing by offering boot camps in 10-plus U.S. cities where women can learn the the skills to master this mostly male-dominated field.


Earthport makes it easy to send low value cross-border payments while reducing delays, errors and fees and ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Local Lift

With Local Lift, merchants have a platform for offering discounted products and services to consumers, allowing them to raise funds for growth.


Aspiration is an investment firm that empowers the middle class to invest intelligently. The firm also donates a dime of every dollar they earn, to help Americans climb the ladder of opportunity.

From the Crowd


Assembly brings together designers, developers, marketers, project managers and other creative professionals to collaborate on turning ideas into reality, while having transparency in terms of expenses, progress of development and income.


iNaturalists provides a platform for naturalists to record what they see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world.


For those who want to sell their previously-owned cars, Beepi steps in, evaluates the car, and if it makes the grade, Beepi will find a buyer within 30 days or purchase the car.

Glow First

Infertility can drain couples emotionally and financially, so Glow First eases the burden with a not-for profit program where couples contribute a monthly fee to a group fund until they become pregnant, while couples who have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months get the financial help they need.

Experiment Engine

Experiment Engine provides companies with the advice of conversion-rate experts who will create web-page variations that can be tried through a comprehensive A/B testing platform.


Peerby is an app that allows you to see what your neighbors are willing to lend, so you can borrow it for free.


Tilt makes it easy to collect money from a group of people for a shared purpose — from something fun such as a beach house rental, to something socially-conscious such as transforming a neighborhood.


Crowdcheck helps investors make good investment decision by verifying through due diligence the legitimacy of startups seeking crowdfunded cash.

Plum Alley

Plum Alley focuses on sectors that matter to women, giving female founders a rewards-based crowdfunding site that helps close the financing gap.

Patch of Land

Patch of Land is a lending marketplace that brings together accredited and institutional investors, and borrowers who are looking for funding for real-estate projects, but are routinely bypassed by traditional lenders.

Social Impact

Frog Design

Frog Design is a creative consultancy that combines the development of state-of-the-art products, services and strategies for brands, with a mission to improve the quality of life for impoverished citizens at home and abroad, by collaborating  with nonprofits, corporate foundations and other charitable concerns.


EveryLayer have designed a way to deliver high-speed broadband to deploy new networks and services and provide every last customer a high quality, affordable service no matter how remote their location.

BioLite HomeStove

The BioLite HomeStove creates a highly efficient cooking fire that produces 91% less emissions and generates usable electricity, potentially improving the quality of life of 3 million people who still cook over smoky indoor fires.


BluMarble collects over 1500 bottles per month from the Las Vegas strip and upcycles them into beautiful products for everyday use, as well as custom products for many restaurants and hotel chains across the country.


With Twice you can shop online for amazing second-hand clothes from top brands, all in beautiful condition, and also sell your own with just a few clicks.


ePantry is a household supplies service that ships all-natural cleaners and paper products right to your doorstep, at a price that is 30% less than grocery stores.


Codestarter empowers children who want to learn how to code, by sending out a laptop for every $250 crowdfunded.


Yoobi makes colorful, vibrant school supplies to spark learning and creativity, matching every item purchased with an equivalent to a school or hospital classroom through the Kids in Need Foundation or Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Fashion Project

Fashion Project allows people to donate used designer clothing for women, and choose a charity that will benefit from 55% of net profits from the sale of that item.

Empowered by You

Empowered by You creates high quality lingerie, with 20% of the net proceeds from sales going towards microloans to impoverished women, allowing them to break the poverty cycle and start their own business.



While many elderly people might not readily adopt the latest technology, most of them are very familiar with the television, so Independa has chosen this platform as a tool for them to stay socially engaged with friends and family, all from the comfort of their couch.

Vida Health Coach

Vida is a subscription-based service with an app that pairs you 1:1 with a health coach, helping you achieve personal goals such as weight loss, fitness, detox dieting, lowering cholesterol or blood pressure, preventing diabetes, and reducing stress.

Withings Activité

This great-looking smartwatch tracks movement and sleep patterns, and works with the Health Mate app for coaching, all in a handsome analog interface.


Beam is an electronic toothbrush that connects to your phone via bluetooth, tracks and records your daily brushing habits, and rewards you with stars and prizes, killing oral-boredom.


CrossChx has created a platform that aims at reducing medical record error and improving treatment, by generating unique global identities for patients, verified through fingerprint scan.


Sleepio is a service that creates customized sleep improvement programs based on lifestyle and environmental improvements, and without resorting to medication.

PerfectServe Synchrony

PerfectServe Synchrony is a tool that  improves patient outcomes by allowing patients to get their orders faster and enabling physicians to attend to their patients more quickly through direct and effective communication.


Thync is a headband that combines neuroscience with technology, allowing users to control their own mental state through electrical pulses to the brain.


BitGym allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to a cardio machine and experience a virtual tour through various locations in the world — no extra hardware necessary.


Pavlok is a wristband that uses small electric jolts to help you break even the most persistent habits in as little as five days.

Design and Fashion


Born out of an awareness of the pollution resulting from the fashion industry, Reformation has set out to create killer garments that don’t kill the environment.

WindFall Kiosk

The Windfall Kiosk is a beautiful, secure, commercial-grade tablet kiosk that works with multiple tablet models without compromising with bulky, one-size-fits-all solutions.


The Walleries app helps you hang a group of pictures without using tape measures or calculations — just create a preview in the app, order the printed template and use it on your wall to get precise guides for hanging your pictures.

Core Construction

Voormi’s latest innovation Core Construction technology, is the first single-layer fabric with an integrated weather-protective membrane, making it lighter and more versatile than other weatherproof garments, while still delivering the comfort of a fleece.


Using Normal’s free app to snap a few pics of your ears, you can order custom-fit, 3d-printed earbuds that don’t fall out.


Olly have set out to transform taking your vitamins and supplements into the most delicious, foolproof, enjoyably good habit you’ll ever start (and never stop).


Cone is a chic, voice-recognition-enabled, thinking music player that learns about your musical tastes based on the tracks you skip and those you request, and can also connect wirelessly to form multi-room sound systems.

Boxman Studios

Boxman Studios modifies shipping containers to develop and deploy iconic, jaw-dropping structures that are as safe as they are awesome.


Houzz allows users to create the home they’ve always wanted by first browsing its huge archive of photos for inspiration, shopping from its selection of millions of curated products, and connecting with the right professionals out of its database of over 3 million contractors.


The Noke is a padlock that does away with the frustrations of lost keys and forgotten combinations, and instead uses a smartphone, an app and a bluetooth connection to unlock.

Food and Drink


WISErg has set out to solve the growing problem of food waste in America by turning food matter into a high-nutrient liquid that can be converted to organic fertilizer, allowing grocers and commercial kitchens to dispose of food scraps with no mess, no odor and no sewage output.


With Credibles, customers prepay for food or produce and receive “edible credits” that they can redeem at a selection of food businesses, while helping their favorite business get the money it needs to grow.

Freight Farms

Freight Farms builds farms that can grow fresh produce inside specially-converted shipping containers equipped with LEDs and hydroponics, while an app controls metrics like humidity and temperature remotely.


Foodily is a recipe search engine with over 2 million recipes — collect, create and share your own, turn recipes into shopping lists, and order ingredients online for delivery.


The SmartGrill brings restaurant-quality performance to your outdoor cooking experience, and elevates it with smart technology including smartphone programmability, voice-activated cooking, and automatic functionality via a database of more than 200 pre-programmed recipes.


In Foodspotting, users share and review dishes instead of restaurants, making it easier to find the perfect dish to hit the spot.


Brodo brings back the spotlight on the world’s oldest comfort food by serving heart-warming bone broths such as the “Organic Chicken Broth” made with Pennsylvania Amish organic chicken.


Through EnjoyFresh, inspired chefs and food lovers can meet at a common point in their love for food, with made-to-order off-menu items and one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.


Scio allows you to scan materials, physical objects, food, medicine, plants and more, to get instant, relevant information such as ripeness and nutritional information to your smartphone.


The ButterUp knife uses clever design to take the frustration out of dealing with cold butter, transforming it into sumptuous, easy to spread ribbons of dairy goodness.



FanDuel is a dream come true for fans of fantasy sports, offering one-day leagues with no season-long commitment,  20,000+ leagues open every day, and over $10 Million in real cash prizes paid out every week.

Axe Bat

The Axe Bat brings together science and tradition to create a bat with unique features for improved performance grip and more efficient power transfer while reducing the risk of injury.


Soundwall merges art, sound and technology creating a combination of visual and audio components to create a unique, everlasting connection between artists and consumers.

Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak combines space-age materials and age-old crafts to create a foldable kayak that you can pack in your car, on a flight or go hiking with.


For a low monthly fee, Jukely gives you access to concerts every night in several major cities, with hundreds of shows to choose from every month.

Concert Window

With Concert Window, artists and bands can broadcast their shows using an app or laptop, charge whatever they wish for the show, and get 70% of the proceeds while using the service for free.


Fancred is a social media network exclusively dedicated to sports fans, with users declaring allegiance to teams and having a “field day” during game day.


For a low monthly fee, Oyster brings you unlimited access to over 1 million bestsellers, award-winners, and more.

The Robot Factory

The Robot Factory is a gorgeous app where kids can create any robot they imagine from 50+ parts: exoskeletons, telescopic arms, spider legs, and more.


Splinster allows people to rent out their snowboards, skis, surfboards and bikes to other users, while having insurance coverage.



GoEuro offers comparative pricing across all types of transport: air, rail, bus and boat, allowing travelers to select the cheapest mode of transport, the scenic route or, if they’re lucky, both.


asterRIDE works with qualified and experienced professionals to offer a variety of transportation services for your events.


Transit is a free app that makes your daily commute a breeze by displaying all nearby transport options and departure times instantly, allowing you to quickly plan a new route when something doesn’t go as planned, request an Uber, or grab the closest bike share or car2go. helps you claim compensation for your delayed or cancelled flights, quickly and without any beaurocratic hangups.


Shuddle is a car service for minors and seniors that gives you peace of mind through extensive background checks — you get to see drivers’ details in full, meet them in person, and track the journey from start to finish through the app.


DUFL is a premium, luxury travel service that allows you to virtually ‘pack’ by selecting your clothing items from within an app so you can travel bag free, while your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing travels to your specified destination.


Mojio makes your car more like a smartphone, helping you make informed decisions that keep your car healthy and safe for as long as possible.


Bluesmart is a smart suitcase that you can control from an app via bluetooth, allowing you to receive smart alerts, and track all your travel data to get insights about your travel habits.


Whether you’re out on a round trip, exploring an island, swimming, fishing, or being cradled to sleep by waves, the Sealander is the amphibious mobile home that can take make that journey happen.


The Dash app uses an inexpensive device to connect your car to your smartphone, turning it into a safer, more efficient vehicle, improving your driving and maximizing fuel efficiency through realtime feedback.

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