How Erin Lost 130+ Lbs and Changed Her Life With Pavlok


Happy #MotivationMonday fellow shockers,

Today I’m excited to share what is quite possibly one of my favorite Pavlok success stories of all time. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people all around the world break bad habits.
But time and time again, the real success story comes from that one small change transforming virtually every area of their life.

Quitting smoking is amazing. But seeing habits in a new way impacts your life forever.

Being able to stop biting your nails can be life changing, but it also gives you confidence and motivation to continue to improve other areas of your life.

The other day I got this message from Erin, and it quite literally had me in tears.

Erin started using Pavlok to help her reduce her sugar cravings, but she quickly began working on her sleep issues as well. And in just a few short months she was able to lose an incredible 130 lbs. while sleeping better than ever before.

Of course, her story is amazing.

Losing weight and improving your sleep can lead to greater confidence, higher energy, and more, but each small change adds up to even bigger gains in all areas of your life.

Pavlok’s mission is to upgrade humanity, and while that starts with a breaking a habit or two, we are investing in your long term growth and personal development journey.

We don’t just want you to quit your bad habits. We want help you implement better ones. We want to help it make it nearly impossible to fail in anything you choose!

We know changing the way the world views habits isn’t easy. In fact, nearly every day we get called a “scam” something similar.

It’s not easy hearing those criticisms, even when we know we aren’t a scam, but the success stories from people just like you keep us going.

Like… how Heidi used Pavlok to quit biting her nails when literally nothing else worked.

Stories like Kendrick, who manages his schizophrenia symptoms with Pavlok (much more about Kendrick coming this week.)

And of course because of the hundreds of stories like Erin’s, we continue to work harder than ever, and get Pavlok 2 onto the wrists of as many people as we can.

It’s because of YOU that we continue on our mission to help change the world. We wouldn’t be here today without you.

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-Maneesh Sethi
CEO of Pavlok

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