What’s New In The Latest Firmware Update


Hey Shockers!

As you know we recently released our latest firmware update with a ton of bug fixes and new features released. The Pavlok team continues to work hard to make the Pavlok hardware and software combination the absolute best way to improve your habits for good.

Here’s what’s new with the latest update.

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Pavlok Firmware Update

  • Vibe strength now works down to 10%
  • Low-battery indicator added: at 7% or lower a periodic (every 30s) red LED flash occur. This is a unique pattern of three sets of two very short flashes. Connecting to the charger will clear this.
  • Clock-not-set warning flash added: when the battery discharges fully, the real-time clock (RTC) chip will not be set after power is restored, until the device is paired with the app. When this condition exists, the red LED will flash periodically in a warning pattern: two sets of two short flashes followed by a one-second long pulse. The warning flash should stop within a few seconds of connecting to the phone.

        Jumping jack option added for alarms

  • More flexible stimulus (vibe/beep/zap) and LED combinations.
  • Alarm stimuli are now sequential, so instead of vibe+beep+zap occurring together, an alarm will now do vibe, pause, beep, pause, zap, pause, and repeat (or an appropriate subset, depending on the selected stimuli).
  • Stimulus pattern durations (on and off times) are now controllable from 10ms up to 10s.
  • Snooze indicator with triple yellow LED flashes every 10s as long as alarm is snoozed.
  • Fixed alarm dialog is shown properly if phone is paired after alarm has already triggered.
  • Implemented haptic feedback for initial button press: a quick vibe that simulates the “click” of a regular button. Also added additional vibes for “long” and “very long” presses, to signal when you’ve held the button long enough.
  • Alarms are now cancelled when the button is held down long enough (2.5s) even while it’s still being held down.
  • Pressing the button will cancel any active stimulus (including multi-zap!) and no additional stimulus will be started as long as the button is held down (except the haptic feedback, and the double-vibe when an alarm is stopped).

    Hand detect now allows selection of several stimulus patterns: vibe, beep, zap, or “countdown” which cycles through vibe (3 short ones), beep (3 short ones), then a sequence of 3 zaps, before starting over. The zap level is configurable as well.

  • Vibe and beep stimulus patterns now include a green LED indicator whenever the motor or buzzer is active, for additional user feedback.

We’re very excited to continue adding improvements to firmware to help you reach your goals.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or need help transforming your habits, please reach out to [email protected]

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