Fixing issues with iOS 10


We are currently investigating reports of Bluetooth issues when connecting Pavloks and Shock clocks to Apple’s new iOS 10 update. You may encounter problems, when trying to pair or repair to your device. (*IOS 10 pairing issues)  We are aware some devices are becoming non-responsive after being connected to an Iphone with IOS 10. If your device becomes non-responsive it doesn’t mean the device is broken but might need to be kept off the charger for 5-8 hours(*IOS 10 bricking issue).

Recently, iOS has released a new version of IOS 10 called IOS 10.1.1 with possible fixes to the above problems. Below you can see the exact fix related to bluetooth.

10.1.0 – 10.1.1 improvements
Other improvements and fixes

● Improves Bluetooth connectivity with 3rd party accessories

We are still working hard at investigating the problems associated with iOS 10 but we do suggest all IOS users to update to the lastest version of OS to reduce the likelihood of pairing issues.

Every OS upgrade comes with the possibility that it will cause some applications to stop working or behave incorrectly.  We realize that this is not ideal and we are working with Apple to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience you experience.    

If you have not yet upgraded to iOS 10, we would recommend that you do NOT upgrade until further notice. We will send out additional updates as we investigate further.

*below you will find fixes to the issues above

*I’m having trouble pairing

To troubleshoot a pairing issue, try these steps in order:


1. Force close the app.
2. Go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
3. Under my devices click on your Pavlok which will have a few numbers next to it and select the “i” and press “Forget Device.”
4. Turn Bluetooth off and then back on.
5. Now go back into the app and re-pair.

*Device not responding?
We are sorry you’re experiencing issue, please review the steps below to bring your Pavlok or Shock Clock back to life.


Thanks again for being a loyal customer, if you’re ever having problems with your device or breaking a habit please contact us at [email protected]

Pavlok dev team

2 thoughts on “Fixing issues with iOS 10

  1. I am having the issues he is describing in the video. My version of iOS is up to date – 10.1.1. The Pavlok keeps un-pairing and re-pairing many times in a row, then eventually gets to the point where i can pair it at all, and have to restart my phone. I have tried everything described, even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Other issues are: It vibrates randomly, there is no option in the app to create a good habit, and I can’t put the zap function down to 0% so I can just use the vibration function to start, even though customer service says that putting the zap function down to 0% and just using vibration is an option. The zap function, even at 10% is too much for me and hurts.

  2. I was tired asking for people on how to fix bluetooth issue on my iphone. Here is where I got all my questions answered. The best facilitator I ever met.

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