How to reduce negative thoughts (and quit eating sugar donuts)


I just returned from an insane trip to the Bulletproof Conference in California. Last year, we announced Pavlok preorders there, and this time I met ten people who were actually WEARING the Pavlok unit! Several people had amazing stories to tell — so I wanted to share a couple.


John Used Pavlok to Reduce Negative Thoughts (watch the video) – John received his Pavlok in the mail and put it on. He wasn’t sure exactly how to use it, so he strapped it on and decided to press the button whenever he had negative thoughts about his family, or felt emotional.

His results were incredible to say the least — within two days, he noticed the negative thoughts disappear. He only did it for 2 days (not the recommended 5 days), but the thoughts disappeared for 10 days(!!) before creeping back up slowly. An extra booster session will keep them at bay.

You could imagine using Pavlok for things like:

  • Self criticism

  • Obsessive thoughts

  • Trying to get over your ex

  • Mind racing when trying to sleep

  • I even use it all the time to get a stuck song out of my head!


Jason used Pavlok for his donut addiction (watch the video)- Jason wanted to cut back on unhealthy snacks — specifically, donuts.


On day 1, he pressed the button when he wanted a donut — desire gone.

On day 2, he did the whole formula. Button press while buying the donut, smelling, eating bite one, bite two, etc.

And THAT WAS IT. He has had 0 cravings for the donuts ever since. He explains in the video, that the aversion was rapidly built and every time he thinks of donuts he thinks of zap.

You could imagine using this same system for



Can’t believe I got to meet real users, it was incredible.

Other notes:

  • Are you a Pavlok user and have tried out the product for a few days? Please fill out this survey about your experiences

  • Interested in getting a Pavlok? Click here to order your own. We have about 2200 left to ship to previous customers. New orders will arrive in mid to late November.

  • NOTE: We are selling very fast and are likely going to run out well before xmas. If you are interested in a Pavlok for this year, consider ordering sooner rather than later.


Thanks a lot 🙂


P.S. I can’t believe how many supporters there were at the Bulletproof event. Thanks so much for being there guys. You are truly the best.


(Boston, MA today, NYC this week/weekend)


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  1. I see how I can use it to zap negative thoughts, but how do you use it to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts like in CBT?

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