Inside Pavlok – April App Updates

Welcome to another edition of Inside Pavlok.

Twice a month our engineering and development team share the latest updates with all things Pavlok. We like to give the community an inside look at what’s going behind the scenes, and we’re super excited at some of the newest features and updates.

Hope you enjoy the inside look at what we’re building…

Take it away, John and team. 

This month’s release of the Pavlok app is all about building a better infrastructure and measuring the user journey. Our goal is to make sure things just “work.” In every decision we make, we want to make it easier for you to get the most from the app — aka build and improve your habits.

We spend a ton of time working hard to understand how the Pavlok community progresses through the app, and what works to keep their habits in check. We love seeing our users have HUGE transformations in their lives and we aim to make the Pavlok app the best resource around.

Our latest update won’t look much different from a UI (User Design) perspective, but we have added significantly more function in regard to analytics and actionable insights from that data. Moving forward, we want to help you along the path of habit transformation with real-time feedback and suggestions.

On the infrastructure side, our back end boys, Igor and Rafael, have been busy constructing an automated testing framework that performs full regression testing on every build. In plain English, they make sure the app runs as you’d expect. There’s nothing worse than a helpful app that struggles to work properly.

Here is a rundown of what is new in this release:

  • Analytics
  • Crash detection
  • Bug fixes
    • Android memory optimizations
    • Intercom fixes
    • Push notification fixes
    • Battery indicator fixes
  • Grammar Updates

For our coding readers out there, you know that continuous integration is a best practice for making sure an app works time and time again. I am excited to say that we are well on schedule with this release and can’t wait to share it with you. We’ll be testing dozens of proof points to make sure there are no bugs or surprises.

With the new update, we also fixed a few old bugs (thank you Pavlok community for letting us know!) There were 7 people these bugs affected in the past, but we are also happy to report we have patched things up successfully. One of the biggest improvements we’ve made recently is the communication between the app and Pavlok hardware — no more freezing or hangups.

We are always testing on how to make it a better experience for our users, and constantly releasing new iterations of the app into the wild.

Before we go, we wanted to share a few useful features of the app.

You can set a “Sleep Goal Reminder” on the Sleep page by clicking on the edit pencil icon as shown below: There you can turn on notifications and set up the times to be notified. Tap the wake up goal to set your desired wake up time to properly calculate the sleep goal.

When setting up your alarms, you can also choose the stimuli patterns and even program your Pavlok to require you to get up and do 5 jumping jacks (some refer to these as “Star Jumps”). See the screenshots to locate the proper controls!

We are very excited about the progress of the app, and even more excited about some exciting new features and releases in the very short future.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to coming your way soon.

  • Pavlok is changing its interface into a Launcher style (Apps within the Pavlok App)
  • Adding better onboarding for individual habits and use cases
  • Improved graphics and tracking capabilities
  • Much more

We love hearing from you,  so please reach out with your suggestions and feedback, it helps us make the best product and app possible.

That’s it for the latest edition of Inside Pavlok.

Thanks for the awesome update John.

As you can see, we’re super busy here making Pavlok the best resource and tool to help you improve your habits.

And while we’ve had some pretty significant updates recently with the app, the best is yet to come.

If you joined us for our morning routine webinar last week, you got a sneak peak…

But here’s a little hint in case you missed it —  What is the most important keystone habit you can form before most people wake up?

We’ll be sharing more very soon…

-Maneesh Sethi

P.S Check out latest improvements on the Pavlok App. You can download on both  IOS and Google Play (No Pavlok wearable needed.)


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