Interview with Jerry about Pavlok

Jerry Joseph is a researcher of the esoteric with the intention of bringing grounded knowledge to people so that they van know themselves. He researches on various topics which include Divine Friendship and Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction, Law of Prosperity and Abundance. He feels that there is so much to know about such things that he is trying to educate people for the sense of purpose. And he believes he does this in a fun and loving way. More can be found at

Also, Jerry is a co-founder of the first eco-conscious ride share company that equips riders to make their positive impact.

He believes that G-Ride is creating a platform so everyone can make an impact on the world simply by taking a purposeful ride.

This rideshare company will be exclusively using electric and hybrid cars for transporting passengers. This company is also working on a Car payment and Student loan payment programs to help students who are in debt. More can be found at Go G-ride 7 in Facebook.

We talked to Jerry about something that will keep him accountable, regardless of what it is. We talked about how Pavlok has helped him not oversleep through some of his important meetings. Also, it has been successful in helping him be responsible and taking on more responsibility.

Jerry believes that it takes will power to keep something like Pavlok on, some might just take it off and not get a zap to keep them in check. However, he thinks that this might act as an excuse. ‘If I had the Pavlok on then maybe I wouldn’t have done that’, guess that was his excuse when he overslept through his meetings!

Speaking about Pavlok, Jerry said that if it already did not exist, he would be the one to create it. Jerry uses Pavlok to help him with his meditation and mindful techniques. He’s set the device to buzz every three hours to remind him to take a step back from whatever he is working on and reflect on it.

We asked Jerry how he used Pavlok to break any bad habits, instead of creating new good habits?

His reply was, ‘I used it to stop picking my long beard.’

Doesn’t really sound like a bad habit, but we’ll take it. He also tried using it to stop himself from having sweets, but Pavlok only works best when you’ve determined to actually stop having sweets, rather than using Pavlok to help you make that decision. What we mean is that you need to take that decision of quitting sugar and putting on Pavlok, and setting up the right systems. He responded by saying that he has an emotional addiction to Sugar and that its work in progress for him.

So how did a researcher on Universal Law hear about Pavlok and decide to purchase it to make him more responsible?

Here’s a funny story for you.

It was Jerry’s birthday and he always gifts himself something clever every year. So he was searching online for alarm clocks because of his oversleeping habit. Suddenly he came across Pavlok which zaps you to wake up. It seemed like a good option for him to try out. He was able to get Pavlok at half the price that it was selling for at that time. Even Mother Nature knew he needed help with his sleeping habits.

Jerry has synced the device to his Google calendar and gets a beep or a buzz whenever he has a meeting scheduled at that time. He also uses the device for somewhat less-conventional methods: whenever he’s in a conversation he doesn’t want to have, he remotely beeps his Pavlok to make it look like he has a meeting scheduled, so he can cleverly escape the ‘annoying’ conversation, as he calls it.

Not exactly why we created Pavlok, but to each their own.

Audio of this interview:

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