Introducing Pavlok DeNail

Happy Easter fellow shockers,

Today we couldn’t be more excited to announce the latest addition to the Pavlok family – Pavlok DeNail.

We have been secretly at work on this for the last several months and truly believe it is the most important moment of the company since Pavlok was originally founded.

Having helped thousands of people all around the world break bad habits, we’re always looking for ways to make habit change even easier!

And while Pavlok already has an incredibly high success rate in helping Pavlok users quit smoking, quit biting their nails, cutting back on sweets and more…

We know we can do even better. Which is why we built Pavlok DeNail.

Pavlok DeNail was specifically designed to ensure 100% that you can quit your bad habits for good, specifically biting your nails.

We mean it. 100% success rate guaranteed. No that’s not a typo.

It’s the very first wearable of its kind, and it’s going to revolutionize how we view habits. Pavlok DeNail takes habit change to the extreme.

So how does Pavlok DeNail work?

Like the regular Pavlok, you wear you wear the Pavlok DeNail throughout the day.

With its state of the art hand detection and integrations with dozens of apps, Pavlok DeNail will ensure you will stop biting your nails and quickly.

You’ve already used Pavlok, and it has helped significantly, but you want to go that extra mile.

With Pavlok DeNail we have introduced the three strikes, and they are gone feature.

Bite your nails once? Strike one.

Bite your nails twice? Strike two.

Bite your nails three times?

Pavlok DeNail will activate, and your device will immediately explode, leaving you with serious (and potentially life-threatening) injuries.

You can’t bite your nails if you’re missing your hand.

This goes for smoking as well. You’ll sure think twice about lighting up a cigarette after a 10k hospital bill.

Best yet, the Pavlok DeNail is fully customizable, so you can tweak it to fit your exact needs.

Want five warnings before your device goes nuclear? Easily change your settings in the intuitive and easy to use app.

Want your device to play the Jaws movie soundtrack before it explodes? The choice is yours.

We’ve been fortunate to have a few users test the Pavlok DeNail beta and here is what they had to say…

“Before Pavlok DeNail I couldn’t stop biting my nails. Nothing worked. After I lost my first finger, I haven’t had the urge to bite my nails even once. Despite the hundreds of questions I get about my missing finger, I couldn’t be happier! Thanks, Pavlok!”

“Knowing my Pavlok DeNail explode the after I miss gym three times in a row… is so motivating!!!”

We expect our first batch of Pavlok DeNail’s to sell out very quickly.

If you’re tired of your bad habits holding you back, it’s time you give Pavlok DeNail a try.

Order Pavlok Pavlok DeNail now.

Disclaimer: Pavlok is not responsible for any lost limbs or medical bills that will likely occur during the use of Pavlok DeNail . Please consult with a nutritionist, life coach, and physician before starting any exercise program and take out a life insurance policy before purchasing your Pavlok Code Red.


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