Introducing Pavlok Pure

Over the last few years, Pavlok has been focused heavily on the art of making behavior change easy and effortless. Through our products, we’ve helped people all around the world quit smoking, biting their nails, cut back on sugar cravings, and much more.

But Pavlok hasn’t just helped people get rid of bad habits. We’ve also helped people implement positive ones, like waking up earlier, becoming more focused, and even being more present throughout the day.

It’s been humbling to know that our company has positively affected so many people

But the truth is, while we’ve been incredibly successful thus far, the path to success hasn’t always been easy.

Sure, we’ve been featured in dozens of major news publications such as the New York Times, had badass celebrities use our products to help them build better habits, and launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns…

But we’ve also had our fair share of road bumps.

After having a heated discussion with some of the Sharks on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, 18 months ago, I spent a lot of time in self reflection.

I wanted to make sure that Pavlok is around to help people change their habits for many decades to come.

While what happened on the show has since gone viral, what many people don’t know is that while killing time between filming, I stumbled upon a world class founder who had one of the best products I’ve ever seen.

The gentleman I discovered on Reddit, was shipping potatoes directly to people’s doors with an inspiring or funny message inscribed.

Even though I hate potatoes more than any food on earth, I got to thinking about the cutting edge technology used for the foundation of his product.

It was so pure…

And I’ve been obsessed with getting back to the basics ever since.

After my appearance on Shark Tank and subsequently discovering the potato guy, I knew we had to change things up at Pavlok.

Since then we’ve been hard at work creating the BEST habit change product on the market.

I’m excited to share that product with you today — introducing the Pavlok Pure.

We’ve taken the best habit change technology and research to create a product that will revolutionize the way you change your habits.

No really. We mean that.

Best yet, we’ve listened to you, our  fellow Pavlokians, and incorporated as much feedback as we could.


While our Pavlok wristband and shock  clock are extremely light and flexible, we understand that people have different levels of fitness. Some people have better arm and wrist strength than others.

Keeping that in mind, we designed the Pavlok Pure to be a weight that anyone could wear comfortably for extended periods of time.

Say goodbye to wrist and arm fatigue from other wearables,

because the Pavlok Pure out of the box weighs a shockingly light .020 OZ’s.

You can wear it 24/7 and not have to worry about your arm being tired at the end of the day.

After a few uses, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

For quality testing, I even had my 4 year old nephew and 3lb dog wear the Pavlok Pure with no problems.


I’m also excited to announce we’ve gone back to the drawing board with concerns to the materials of the Pavlok Pure.

Here at Pavlok we think the environment is incredibly important, so we wanted to reflect that company ethos with the Pavlok Pure.

We partnered with one of the largest organic, vegan, and GMO friendly rubber tree farms in South America to ensure that we are only using the best materials while not sacrificing quality.

The Pavlok Pure is 40 percent rubber, and 100 percent successful.

I’ve personally gone to our on site location in South America  7 times using airline miles and had organic non-alcoholic vodka sodas with the three owners of the most reputable rubber farms in all the world.

The Pavlok Pure materials are directly imported from the Amazon and coated with the highest quality palm oil for additional shine.

We think you’ll be blown away with the craftsmanship and overall look of the Pavlok Pure.


We understand that charging your favorite wearables can sometimes be a pain. While the Pavlok and shock clock have an exceptional battery life.. We wanted to take things to the next level.

And thanks to the inspiration from the potato guy, and the advanced technology powering the Pavlok Pure, you can say goodbye to power cords forever.

The Pavlok Pure comes with an INFINITE BATTERY LIFE. You’ll never have to charge your favorite wearable again. If you need to take your Pavlok Pure off for any reason, you can put it in our included high quality Pavlok Pure carrying case.

Best yet, if your Pavlok Pure breaks or decays, we’ll send you a prompt replacement — simply pay the 39.99 dollar shipping and you’ll get a new one sent straight to your mailbox.

We’re revolutionizing the habit world.


Our team spent many monster fueled nights making sure that the complimentary app would help you reach your habit goals. So we developed a new app entirely from scratch.

We’ve spent over 12,000 hours developing a fully functional IOS and Android app to make your Pavlok Pure experience even better.

Our Pavlok Pure App extension allows you to take beautiful high quality photos of your wrist so you can share the Pavlok Pure with your family and friends on social media.

Simply take a photo of your wrist using your built in camera on your phone, login to the Pavlok Pure app, sign in to your favorite social media networks, hit post — and the Pavlok Pure will take care of the rest.

Not only will you will you get a ton of Instagram hearts, your friends and family will know about your incredible style and that you’re serious about building great habits.


Look. Bad habits can end up costing you a fortune.

Smoking just a pack a day for a year can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Sugar addiction can also wreak havoc on the quality of your life.

Checking Facebook 82 times a day isn’t helping you reach your goals.

With Pavlok Pure, we wanted to make habit change affordable so we spent hours testing different prices and talking with our beta users.

And the results were clear. The Pavlok Pure will change your life.

With the unlimited battery life, unparalleled technology, and the world class IOS and Android App you can have the Pavlok Pure on your wrist tomorrow for just one payment of $999, or 12 payments of $99.

Just quitting one single bad habit can make the Pavlok Pure worth 10x the price.

If you’re struggling to get your habits where you want them to be… we invite you to invest in yourself. It will make the all the difference in the world.

We’re putting the pure back in habit change… and we hope for you to join us.


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