iOS users: Get the Beta Pavlok App + Firmware Upgrade!

We are excited to give just a few Pavlok customers a sneak peak into our new app and update you firmware.
This post is for you if 1) You have received your Pavlok unit and 2) You use an iOS device.


Here is a list of the big features we have in this update:

  1. Charging LEDs — The Pavlok will light up when you plug it in. When it’s fully charged, the lights will turn off.
  2. Change the strength of the zap — Pavlok, by default, gives a strong zap when you press the button on the device. Now, you can change that default strength. Go to Settings -> Zap to adjust the settings
  3. Battery Life Indicator — You can see how much battery is left in the Settings menu. NOTE: This is experimental and might not be perfect.

How to update your firmware

Please make sure your device is charged before starting any firmware update. If you haven’t charged in a while, leave it in the charger for 30 mins before continuing.
  1. Navigate with iOS Safari to beta installation page: Pavlok Break Bad Habits Beta App and click install
  2. If you’re using IOS 9, please follow these few steps to trust us as developers otherwise skip to step 3

Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. You then see a a profile for the developer under the “Enterprise App” heading.

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Now trust as a developer and you are good to go! 

This video shows you how to install the firmware, or read below.

3. Open your Pavlok app and go into remote and pair with your Pavlok, once you see the check mark in the circle. You are now paired and ready to update your firmware.
4. Go into the settings menu and you should see at the bottom update firmware to 2.4.20
5. Click on Update and see your device start to update!
6. Once updated you will be shown how to complete the firmware update process. You will need to go into iOS settings, choose Bluetooth. Click the (i) icon next to your Pavlok and hit Forget Device.
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7. Reset your Pavlok device by pressing down on the button for 20 seconds, until it blinks a couple times.


8. Open the Pavlok app, navigate to remote, and repair to the device!

9. If the device doesn’t connect, or it doesn’t ask you to pair, restart your phone.

10. Awesome! It should be paired now, and you can use the new features (including Save Zap, battery charging LED, etc).


BUGS? Not working?

This is an experimental process, so we are working out the kinks. If the process above didn’t seem to work, follow the next steps.

  1. First, go to Pavlok App -> Settings. Does the firmware version say: 2.4.20? If not, the device update didn’t occur.
  2. Second, go to iOS Settings -> Bluetooth  and make sure there are no Pavloks with the (i) logo next to it. If there is, Forget the device.
  3. Third, hold down the button on the Pavlok device. It will immediately release a small zap, so make sure not to touch the terminals! Continue holding it down for 30 seconds, until you see the device light up. This will only happen if the firmware update completed
  4. Fourth, restart your phone
  5. Fifth, open up the Pavlok app and try to reconnect. This should fix it.

IF THERE IS STILL A PROBLEM, please email me at [email protected]


3 thoughts on “iOS users: Get the Beta Pavlok App + Firmware Upgrade!

  1. My daughter has a severe sleep problem. She has an issue with waking up in the morning or after a nap( has been diagnosed by a sleep dr). I am interested in knowing does your device connect with the alarm on the iPhone to go off at the same time to zap her awake. Will your device be able to wake her up, how much of a zap will be needed to wake someone from a deep sleep.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Lisa Furman

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