Marty Quit Smoking In 3 Weeks


So I was at this party and a guy told me he wanted to quit smoking.

Me: “Great! Come into our office and we will show you how to use Pavlok to quit.”

Him: “Well, ummmm.”

Me: “Really, it’s like 10 minutes a day and totally free, and at the end of it you won’t smoke anymore.”

Him: “Yeah, I don’t know.”

Me: “Seriously dude, I’ll pay you $100 of my own money to quit smoking.”

Even though 2 minutes before he told me he wants to quit smoking…

And even though I was going to pay him to do it…

… he still didn’t come in. He didn’t really want to quit.

Fine, we aren’t here to force you to do anything. But Pavlok is a powerful tool, and if you are ready to quit your habit — smoking, nail biting, watching porn, whatever — it can help. And we’ve got success stories to prove it.

Today is the story of Marty, a 7 year smoker who used Pavlok for 3 weeks and went from 18 cigarettes per day to zero.

Why You Fail At Quitting Cold Turkey

Marty is a 25 year old guy living in San Francisco. He’s a full time driver and until recently smoked a pack a day.

“I started smoking in college. I’d be out drinking and I’d have one or two whenever someone had one, and that eventually escalated to me buying my own packs.”

Fast forward 7 years, Marty was an unhealthy, stressed out smoker that hated his habit.

“I used to have really good cardio — I was on the boxing team — but now I couldn’t even get myself to run a mile. I just wanted to keep up with my active friends. And it wasn’t really helping my mood either, I could see I was really dependant on smoking.”

Marty had tried quitting, but he was on and off for three years. “The longest was a couple weeks, a month at most.”

He was failing because he was relying on willpower.

“I tried reducing at first, but that never worked. I wasn’t really strict about it, and since I was smoking every day anyways I’d say forget it, I’m just going to keep smoking. Then I’d say next time I try to quit I’m going to go cold turkey, but I just kept going back to it.”

Marty kept smoking because his habit was automatic.

As soon as there was a trigger, he would start again. “When I’d go out with friends I’d drink and I’d go buy a pack. Or when I was stressed that would get me smoking again too.”

And then Marty found Pavlok and in three weeks completely quit smoking.

“By the end of week one I was averaging 7 cigarettes a day.”

Marty met Pavlok’s inventor, Maneesh, at an event in San Francisco. Maneesh taught a course on massive self improvement and talked about Pavlok.

“It seemed really interesting. I was going to try quitting again anyways. So it was just ‘if it works then great, and if it doesn’t I’ll find another way.”

Basically, he realized he had nothing to lose (BTW: Pavlok comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee so you can try it for yourself risk free).

Armed with his Pavlok, Marty started the self shock program.

“Initially I was skeptical. If I’m shocking myself will it still work? But it did because it made me conscious every time I smoked and so I’d make an effort to put it down. And I didn’t have to quit cold turkey. If my cravings got really bad I was free to smoke.”

Here’s how it worked (remember, before Pavlok Marty was smoking 18 cigarettes per day).

goal actual
week 1 15 per day 7 per day
week 2 5 per day 2 per day
week 3 1 per day 0 per day

In three weeks Marty went from smoking a pack a day to completely quitting smoking (saving $1825 per year). “I was pretty amazed how fast it was.”

And he is already enjoying the benefits. “I started running again. And I work out almost every day. I’m more willing to to be active because my lungs are clear and I’m not coughing up a storm.”

Marty’s Advice For Smokers

“It depends on how willing you are to quit. A lot of smokers say they want to quit, and I’ve been one of them, but actually they aren’t really dedicated to it — it’s a drastic lifestyle change. But if you are really serious about quitting then this works. Before I would feel weird whenever I wasn’t smoking, like I had to have one. But after using the shock I had that same weird feeling when I did smoke. It was a total reversal, my brain actually thought of smoking as a weird thing.”

Are you really ready to quit your habit?

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