#MotivationMonday Mastering Your Emotions And Your Life

Hey Pavlokians!

Welcome to another #MotivationMonday!

As I’ve said time and time again, one of my favorite things about building Pavlok is hearing about the incredible results many members of the Pavlok community have seen in their lives after using Pavlok.

And while we’ve shared these stories via our #MotivationMonday emails for the last year, the Pavlok team and I decided we wanted to dig deeper and share these stories in an ‘interview’ format.

Over the last few months our start interviewer Alex has set out to have conversations with Pavlok users who have used Pavlok to help them in a wide range of ways.

Some have used Pavlok to quit smoking. Others have used Pavlok to start waking up on time.

Our goal with these interviews is to give you an inside look at the journey of transformation – the ups and downs, the good and the bad.
Change takes time. It takes hard work. Sometimes it’s painful. But with the right approach and support system, things can and do get better.

In our interview, today with sit down with Pavlok community member Alli Bogdan who shares her incredible journey of overcoming years of abuse with the help of Pavlok.

Alli’s story does end on an extraordinary positive note. However the topic matter does cover abuse, so please use your best judgement when watching.
We are honored that Alli felt comfortable sharing her story with the Pavlok community, and hope it motivates and inspires those who need it most.

Watch the video to hear Alli’s incredible story of how she overcame years of abuse through emotional healing.

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