MIT & The Robot Cheetah

We live in astounding times, while it’s old news to say that technology is accelerating at breakneck speed — one can’t help but to have their mind blown by a recent video showcasing MIT’s robot cheetah not just autonomously running, but actually leaping over obstacles placed ahead of it.

MIT Cheetah.jpg

Advancements are being made across the board, be it liquid body armor prototyping in Poland, 400,000 schools getting 3d printers in China, to the privatized space wars being waged by Blue Origin and SpaceX, we could be on the verge of a tech boom beyond anything in recorded history.

To put things into context — about 4000 years ago humans were using a Roman abacus for basic calculations.

Your I-Phone in 2200 BC….

“RomanAbacusRecon” by Photographer: Mike Cowlishaw

Fast forward roughly 3,920 years later, and the roots of digital computing begin with the invention of Turing Machines. 70 or so years after that – the whole of human knowledge is accessible from a handheld device that lets you talk across continents… no big deal.

One could say this the stuff of science fiction. Only it’s happening right now.

As impressive as these developments are, we’re after something just as big — at Pavlok we’re designing devices to alter the inner workings of the human subconscious, using effective and measurable behavioural modification.

Simply put — helping you break bad habits for good.

Wearables are the future. While some offer to do things like let you track email, measure fitness goals, and tell time, our device was created to help you permanently break bad habits.

Pavlok is designed to address the constant email checking, the burger binging, and even the compulsive 80-selfie-a-week poster.

Simple habits are one thing — but our device has even helped change lives that have struggled with smoking or sugar intake.

We can’t wait to show the world the potential this device has to offer.

This article was written by Jared Rogers of Pacific Hitz.

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