Motivation Monday – Less Doing’s Ari Meisel Does Less Sugar

Happy Monday Pavlokians,

Maneesh here bringing you your weekly dose of motivation to help you stay focused, build better habits, and have your best week of the year.

Today I’m proud to share the incredibly inspiring story of Pavlok user Ari Meisel, who used the Pavlok to virtually remove sugar from his diet entirely and help him get his health back on track.

You see…

Ari is the founder of Less Doing, a successful lifestyle business,  where he helps entrepreneurs and high performers leverage their time to maximize their productivity through coaching and virtual assistants.

Which is a huge feat in itself… but Ari is not your typical entrepreneur. 

Prior to 2006, Ari was cruising along making deals in the booming real estate industry until his health took a turn for the worst.

Diagnosed with a highly-debilitating digestive ailment, known as Crohn’s disease, he was soon forced to face an incredibly difficult reality. 

While typically known for his high energy and positive outlook, the diagnosis took a toll.

His health, relationships, and business struggled terribly, and on some days he found he could only work 60 minutes. 

Talk about a tough pill to swallow.

But… Ari knew that despite his diagnosis he still wanted to focus on the things he could control. 

He started making his physcial and mental health a priority and did everything he could to give himself the best chance to succeed. 

And things slowly started to turn around. 

Yet there was one thing that he still had trouble with.. the always present temptation of sugar. 

You know.. donuts, ice-cream, soda, cake. He’s only human after all.

So he decided to use Pavlok to help him get the upper hand, and his results were nothing short of phenomenal. 

Here’s a video of Ari sharing how the Pavlok helped him make big strides in his health and business.

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