Nagina Stopped Biting Her Nails


Nagina tried unsuccessfully for years to stop biting her nails.

In just two days, Pavlok helped her stop.

Watch her testimonial video, or read the transcript below.

Hi, my name is Nagina and I am from New Jersey. I have had a problem with biting my nails, my entire life. I have tried everything to stop. I have bough that nail polish that tastes disgusting and you put it on and you bite it, it didn’t work. I have tried getting artificial nails and I bit them off. I was not finding the solution. So, I decided to try Pavlok and see if that would help me.

What I did is, I wore it for 2 days so far, and I shock myself every time I bite my nails. The minute I bit my nails, I shock myself. Within 2 days, I have already noticed that I am so much more aware of myself biting my nails, where there used to be very subconscious. Now, I am very aware, and I catch myself before I do it.

So, I am really looking forward to continue to wear a Pavlok and seeing my nails grow so that I can, you know, have normal hands and not feel embarrassed every time I am somewhere in public.


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