New Pavlok App Coming Soon

Watch me demo Pavlok Core!

Hey Pavlokians,

We interrupt this regular Link Friday to share some very exciting news!

On Wednesday, we announced you could now pre-order the Pavlok 2, and get it just in time for the holidays. We’re really excited because a ton of you have been taking advantage of the limited time only 20% discount.

But today isn’t about Pavlok 2.

Today we’re excited to announce that our brand new Pavlok Core app will be available very soon.

We listened to all of your feedback and suggestions and have completely revamped the new app making it easier than ever to track your habits and reach your goals.

In addition to being completely redesigned, the app is more customizable than ever allowing you to choose from dozens of internal apps to improve your habits.

But there’s more.

With Pavlok Core you’re now able to earn our digital currency Volts that allow you unlock new modules and upgrades.

Download Pavlok Core and get rewarded for your good behavior. Literally.

Earn volts by meditating, checking in, and even just getting up on time!

Finally, Pavlok Core does not require the Pavlok device so anyone can use it!

While we’re putting on the final touches and getting ready to ship…

But first we need your help.

We created a quick 2 minute survey to determine which internal apps we develop first.

Calendar integration? To do list? Let us know what you want to see.

Vote for your favorite module and feature… and we’ll do our best to make your vote happen!

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We’re so excited for Pavlok Core and know it will quickly become a contender for the most used app on your phone.

See you next week.

-Maneesh Sethi

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