The ‘Official’ Launch of Pavlok 2


Phew! What a month May was. Here at team Pavlok we had a month full of ups and downs, and are welcoming the new month with open arms.

As we turn the page to June, I find myself in a new apartment here in Boston, and “officially” launching the Pavlok 2 Indiegogo campaign.

As you likely know, last week, we launched “Pavlok Rise” to the world. We were so excited because the team has been working tirelessly on building the best habit change wearable on the market.

But despite our enthusiasm, hard work, and 250+ campaign backers, we knew something wasn’t right.

People just didn’t get it.

We knew the product was good. We knew we could help thousands of people improve their habits…

But for some reason it just didn’t click.


So we did what any agile startup has to do. We surveyed our users, identified our mistakes, and recreated the entire campaign from scratch in hopes of better communicating the value of our latest offering Pavlok 2 (formerly Pavlok Rise)

Read Wareable’s Article about Pavlok 2, AI, And Gesture Tech

The incredible folks at Wareable wrote an excellent piece on our pivot and what it means for Pavlok as a whole.

We’re incredibly excited about the new direction of branding and we are fully committed to the success of Pavlok 2.

While we have rebranded the wearable as “Pavlok 2” The “Pavlok Rise” app will still be built as a part of the Pavlok ecosystem and released in September as planned.

But enough of that.

I’m excited to let you meet Pavlok 2.

We’ve upgraded everything. We’ve added fitness tracking, motion tracking, gesture recognition (now Pavlok knows when you’re smoking, nail biting, and exercising).

We’ve created a modular platform, where new apps can be developed by Pavlok and non-Pavlok programmers — like an App Store focused on behavior change.

Already a Pavlok User? Log in with Pavlok here and you’ll be directed to the super special Pavlok Upgrade Perk.

Check out Pavlok 2 on IndieGogo now. An Early Bird Discount Perk is still live.

I won’t tell you everything you need to know on this email — I’ve got a whole month to show you my master plan 🙂

Back Pavlok on IndieGogo

Myself and the entire team at Pavlok are grateful for the support, and we can’t wait what to share what’s in store.

We’re determined to change the world, and a small pivot won’t stop us.




-Maneesh Sethi

Founder of Pavlok

P.S Are you one of the 250+ backers of Pavlok Rise? Don’t worry! Aside from new marketing and branding nothing has changed. We’re still working hard to bring you an app that will help you get up, stay up, and form a productive morning routine. Check out the updates here. 


Pavlok 2 = The new and improved habit change wearable

Pavlok Rise = An app within the Pavlok ecosystem designed to help you build a productive morning routine.

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