Pavlok #1 – Wearables In Healthcare Pilot Challenge

On Monday, March 30, 2015 Pavlok was announced as the #1 finalist in Medstro’s Wearable’s in Healthcare Pilot Challenge.


Thanks to everyone that voted for us — and helped us earn 662 points — more than double the second place score. You’ve given us the chance to compete in the “Final Smackdown” at Google Cambridge at the end of April — which is a step toward doing more clinical trials with the Pavlok device.

In total we had 417 enthusiastic comments about the #1 way people would use Pavlok (and some identified multiple uses). We’ve analyzed the data:

15.9% of people would use Pavlok to do more Exercise/Fitness/Sports

15.2% said increase Productivity & Focus or Decrease Procrastinating & Wasting Time Online.

13.5% said to Wake Up On Time

10.7% said Improve Eating Habits or Eliminate Emotional Eating

3.7% said Quit Smoking

3.7% said Study Better

3.0% said improve their Mindfulness & Gratitude

2.8% said quit Social Media

2.8% said decrease Nervous Ticks

2.2% said Quit Sugar

1.9% said quit Nail Biting

All of the above habits had 10 or more people identify as their #1 use case for Pavlok. The remaining ~24.6% of people represented smaller categories — but we see every use case as critical to our mission of helping you change your behaviour. More than anything, we are excited about the diversity of Pavlok Users and how you want to improve.

Here is the entire list of categories and results:

Exercise/Fitness/Sports 86
Productivity/Focus/Procrastinating/Wasting time online 82
Sleep/Snooze 73
Eating Habits (emotional eating) 58
Quit Smoking 20
Start Studying 20
Mindfulness/gratitudes 16
Quit Social Media 15
Nervous Ticks 15
Quit Sugar 12
Nail Biting 10
Quit Video Games 9
Spending Habits Financial 9
Break pessimism /negative thoughts/judgment 8
Writing 7
Quit Caffeine 6
Quit Soda 6
Code 5
Languages 5
Posture 5
Morning Routine 5
Regular Schedule/Routine 4
Morality/Compassion 4
Quit TV 4
Reading 4
Memory/Remember to do’s 3
Stress 3
Quit Alcohol 3
Couples/Friends 3
Help others with their habits 3
Stop impulsively using cellphone 3
Water 3
Music 3
Cursing/Slang 2
Take medication 2
Chores/Dishes/Bed 2
Approach anxiety 2
Weed/doing drugs 2
Email 2
Stress while driving 1
Send Money when habits broken 1
Build good habits 1
Holding commitments 1
Anger 1
Cracking my knuckles 1
Consistent motivation , finishing 1
Change the world 1
Full oral hygiene routine 1
Disengaging from work 1
Train my pet 1
Masturbation 1
Time training 1



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