How The Pavlok 2 and Pavlok App Can Help You Transform Your Habits

Hello fellow shocker,

A few weeks ago, I shared how Pavlok 2 can help break bad habits. And while breaking bad habits was how the original idea of Pavlok came to life, the Pavlok 2 wearable goes beyond breaking habits.

It’s actually also designed to help you implement positive behaviors consistently.


Quitting smoking, cutting back on sweets, and being less distracted can be life changing.

But the real long-term gains are from doing positive behaviors each and every day.

Breaking a bad habit is pretty straight forward, especially when using the Pavlok 2 to help. But the ultimate vision of Pavlok is to upgrade humanity, and that means helping others implement positive behaviors as well.

Watching what you eat is one thing… but how can you get yourself to go to the gym?

Being less distracted is great… but how can you use that extra time most effectively?

Waking up on time gets you to work… but how can you use the morning to give you that extra boost?

Today I wanted to share a few ways you can use your Pavlok 2  and Pavlok app to start getting the most out of your habits.

1. Take A Course

With Pavlok 2 and our new and improved Pavlok app, you can take a wide variety of courses to help you reach your goals. We currently have an intro to breaking bad habits course, but are soon introducing new courses on sleep and more!

We are constantly looking for new courses to add and make it as easy possible to learn and implement new positive behaviors!

2. Set Alarms

Using the Pavlok app you can set reminders throughout the day to help put positive behaviors on autopilot.

Pushups and Squats – Set a reminder to get up and do a few pushups or squats throughout the day!

Meditation – While the many benefits of meditation have been shared in many self-improvement and entrepreneur circles, getting into the habit isn’t always easy.

Use the Pavlok app to remind you pause for a moment and focus on your breath. Just a few minutes of meditation each day can have a tremendous impact on your overall health and mood.

Drink More Water – Staying hydrated throughout the day is something that many of us often fail to do. Why? Because in our busy daily life we FORGET to drink water.

You can set your Pavlok 2 to remind you to stop and drink a glass of water and end the day know you’re hydrated.

3. Track Your Habit

The new Pavlok app is designed to make tracking your desired habit easier than ever. Add your custom habit you’re hoping to break or improve to the dashboard and keep up-to-date with your progress.

Keep tabs on your “urges”, take a picture or video of yourself to be held accountable and more!

4. Send Good Vibes To Others

The Pavlok community consists of thousands of people all around the world dedicated to self improvement. In the ledger section of the Pavlok app you can send your fellow Pavlok community members good vibes!

Make friends and accountability partners within the app and hit your goals.

Nothing like sending support to the fellow Pavlok community showing that you care!

5.  Vote for your favorite new modules!

We’re constantly adding new modules based on your feedback! Vote for the modules and courses you want us to add!

Using the in-app currency Volts you can make your voice heard!

Battle pong? Meditation module? Geolocation tagging with Pavlok?

Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Earn Rewards For Positive Behaviors

Make progress in your latest Pavlok habit module? Earn Volts.

Wake up when you say you will? Earn Volts.

Check-in to the Pavlok app consistently? Earn Volts.

Over the upcoming months, Volts will be used to purchase new app upgrades and special habit change modules specific to your needs.

The more positive behaviors you implement the more you are rewarded with Volts. While I’ll be sharing more about the future of Volts over the upcoming months, let’s just say it will be in your best interest to collect as many as you can. 🙂

While Pavlok has primarily been known for breaking habits, with Pavlok 2 we’re aiming to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world build habits that help them move closer to their goals.

We believe the Pavlok 2 and Pavlok app is one of the best resources to help you improve your life.

We’re running low on Pavlok 2 stock as we gear up for the holidays. Order now and receive your Pavlok 2 before Christmas.

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