Big Things Are Coming…. Pre-Order Your Pavlok 2

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Maneesh Sethi here.

CEO of Pavlok.

After many months of hard work, and a wildly successful Pavlok 2 Indiegogo fundraising campaign, we’re excited to finally announce that the entire community can now pre-order the Pavlok 2 and get the Pavlok 2 in time for the holiday season.

Since the release of the original Pavlok, we were blown away at the results users were seeing, sometimes in as little as a few days. Users stopped smoking, quit sugar, and even used Pavlok to wake up on time and be more productive.

But we have always known the Pavlok was just the beginning of our journey. With the Pavlok 2 we have improved virtually every aspect of the original Pavlok. Better hardware, software, and a completely redesigned Pavlok app.

I wanted to share a few key differences between the Pavlok and the Pavlok 2.

Better Battery Life: The new hardware for the Pavlok 2 means less charging and more breaking and changing habits. Wear your Pavlok 2 comfortably throughout the day knowing it will be ready to shock, beep, or buzz when you need it.

New Integrations: We continue to add integrations from a wide variety of 3rd party sources to allow you to customize your Pavlok 2 to the fullest. Using services such as IFTTT you can even have your Amazon Alexa initiate a zap. Furthermore, there are dozens of other integrations with Google Chrome, Zapier, and more.

More Reliable: We heard you loud and clear, the Pavlok 2 works flawlessly time and time again. No more bluetooth pairing errors or the zap not working. We’ve used the best quality material to ensure your Pavlok 2 works every time.

Motion Tracking: Thanks to our DNA Indiegogo backers, the Pavlok 2 is smarter than ever before. We are constantly adding new hand gestures that the Pavlok 2 can accurately recognize and administer your action of choice.

A More User Friendly App: With the new Pavlok 2 hardware we also wanted to improve our popular Pavlok app. We’ve redesigned it to make it more user friendly and easily track your your habits and goals. Add modules based on your goals, and track your sleep, progress, and more.

Earn Volts: Finally, one of our favorite newest additions. Along with Pavlok 2 we are releasing our very own digital currency: Volts. You can earn Volts in the app by performing positive behaviors and reaching your goals. Wanna learn more? Look out for the next email this week.

We’re not exaggerating when we say the Pavlok 2 is not just an upgrade of the original Pavlok. It’s a whole new way to approach human behavior.

We expect these to sell like crazy this Christmas and we have a very limited supply. Only 500 Pavlok 2s are available that will ship on our launch date: November 15.
If you want to reserve your Pavlok 2, preorder NOW to get 20% off. This expires in a week.

Imagine starting the new year not just resolving to go to the gym—but actually following through.

Imagine telling all your friends and family at the New Years party you no longer smoke. And still being smoke-free at the next one.

Imagine getting more work done without the need to constantly check Facebook. The rare feeling of focus becomes a natural state of being.

Pavlok 2 was designed to upgrade your habits and your life.

And we can’t wait for you to give it a try.

The 20% discount only lasts for a week. Click here to order now.

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