What is the Pavlok Unlocked Web App?

Unlock the power of your Pavlok across the web!

Don’t like zapping yourself? Do you need that extra support from your family to do your dirty work? Or maybe you just want to zap your best friend, so he/she quits that bad habit? You can!

Introducing Pavlok Unlocked

The Pavlok Unlocked provides an easy way for you to let someone assist you in breaking your bad habits. It is the best way to send or get zaps, beeps, and vibrations from anywhere or anyone with an internet connection.

Say your significant other is trying to stop nail biting. You see he/she chewing mindlessly away over on the couch. You can simply take out your phone and zap, vibrate, or beep them with a push of a button.

Think of Pavlok Unlocked as your partner in crime. It will help others make you more aware of your habits so that you can be successful!

How To Set Up Your Pavlok Unlocked

Get help from someone by granting access to your device. It’s straightforward and easy.

  1. In the app, go to the “More” section,
  2. Under “Device” go to “Pavlok Unlocked”,
  3. Follow the instructions to configure your Pavlok with the Pavlok Unlocked web app securely,
  4. Add Friends by simply adding their email address, they will receive an invitation to set up an account as well.

Access To Your Friends Pavlok Unlocked Remote

Your friend or significant other gave you access to her/his Pavlok.

  1. Open your favorite web browser on any device,
  2. Go to,
  3. Log in to your account,
  4. Open Manage friends,
  5. Open your friend’s web remote and activate the stimuli you want (don’t forget to save your friends remote for later ????).

Keep In Mind

The Pavlok Unlocked Web App is securely connected to the Pavlok device through the Pavlok app.

For the remote to work the Pavlok users has to be connected to the internet, and to be paired with the app.

2 thoughts on “What is the Pavlok Unlocked Web App?

  1. I am using the api to send a zap from a script I wrote, and it only works if the pavlok app is open. I went on the app to more -> device -> pavlok unlocked and tried to grant access to my device, but I couldn’t find the option. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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