Pavlok (and how you use it) may be changing forever

  • We are going to be having 2 day sale
  • We’re going to be on amazon later this month
  • We have a huge announcement coming in about a week, and it is going to completely change how user can work with Pavlok

Happy #motivationmonday! We’re mixing it up this week, getting ready to share some huge news.

Starting today we’re offering a special, limited time sale on Pavlok – this will only last for 2 days, and we guarantee the price today will not be beat until at least April, if not longer. When we say there is never a better time to buy Pavlok than right now…. We seriously mean it.

Why are we doing this? Well, there are major changes happening at Pavlok, and the news is alllllll goooooood 🙂

The sale is in preparation for a major announcement that we’ll be making during the first week of March. After this sale is over, Pavlok is not going to be for sale on while we test out some new sales strategies. We’re doing this in an effort to continually improve how we offer Pavlok, and to (hopefully) make it more affordable for everyone to have access to lasting habit change.

Even though Pavlok won’t be available for sale on after March 1st, it will be available on Amazon. After nearly a month of being out of stock there, Pavlok will finally be available again. The rub however is that for us to list (and ship) on Amazon, they take a cut of the sale… which is why today’s price is the best you will see for at least the next month, guaranteed. You can purchase from Amazon, but it will be at a higher price.

So that brings us to the final question… why are we going through all this trouble, and offering this ridiculously low sale price right now?

Well, without revealing too much until the big announcement in about a week, you may never be able to “purchase” a Pavlok again. So for those customers who like the idea of being able to pay once and have Pavlok and all of it’s features at no additional cost forever, now is the time to buy!

That’s all for now, but more news coming soon!

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