Carlos Smoked For 15 Years Then Quit In 5 Days


Most smokers have tried to quit at least once.

  • In 2012 there were 42 million smokers in the US
  • 68.9% of those smokers wanted to stop smoking
  • 42.7% tried to quit and failed
  • And 480,000 died because of smoking that year

*data from the American Cancer Society & Center for Disease Control And Prevention

The math is scary…

  • 42 million smokers
  • ~18 million fail at quitting
  • 480,000 die

But some people do quit successfully. And today’s case study about how Carlos quit his 15 year habit in 5 days will show you how to use psychology and science to stack the odds in your favour.

carlos quit smoking case study

Do You Smoke More Or Less Than Carlos?

For almost 15 years Carlos was a pack-a-day smoker.

But he wanted to quit. He was feeling the health effects, his wife was always complaining about the cloud of smoke following him around, and it was costing him a lot of money.

“Over the past 6 months I’d gone to the convenience store 13 times per month for 2 or 3 packs, and every time I’d spend another $12 on snacks.”

And actually Carlos had tried to quit over 20 times.

“I used Chantix, I used the gum, the patch and I even tried hypnosis. Nothing worked.”

Then Carlos found Pavlok. He was skeptical at first but figured why not give it a shot.

And after 5 days with Pavlok, he finally quit smoking.

The 5 Day Plan For Quitting Smoking

Carlos shared his 5 day plan for successfully quitting a pack-a-day habit.

DAY 1:

On the first day, Carlos followed our instructions to shock himself every time he smoked or took a puff. This is the same strategy that helped Marty quit smoking in 3 weeks.

Carlos realized “self shock” just wasn’t for him — he didn’t have the willpower to follow through. So the next day he tried something different.

DAY 2:

On the second day, Carlos invited his wife to join in and make a game of it. If she could catch him smoking she could shock him. And she did catch him a number of times.

But even though he was having some success, Carlos saw another fault — when his wife went to work he could smoke all he wanted.

DAY 3:

On the third day, Carlos invited his friends and family over to shock him. “If they could catch me they could shock me”.

The result? 15 or 16 shocks. Now there was some serious aversion happening, so Carlos upped the ante.

DAY 4:

On the fourth day Carlos allowed his family members to shock him and would also give them $5 if they caught him smoking. “I was caught a few times, but by this point I had stopped smoking quite a bit.”

DAY 5:

On the fifth day, Carlos told his family members they could shock him wherever they want AND he would pay them $20 each time. “I was caught one time when my brother hid inside a trash can and jumped out when I was out back. It was the only time I tried smoking all day long.”

DAY 6:

On the sixth day, Carlos told his family members they could shock him twice and offered $20 for each shock. But he didn’t smoke at all.

And that’s how when 18 million other people failed at quitting smoking, Carlos was able to succeed in just 5 days.

Healthy, Happy and Rich

For Carlos, quitting smoking had 3 big wins.

First, he is already seeing his health improve.

Second, his wife is happier and no longer complaining like she did when a cloud of smoke followed him around.

And third, he is saving money — about $150 in the first month.

Pavlok Saves You Money

If you do the math on quitting smoking, you’d probably save just as much as Carlos and maybe even more. Yes, you could try to quit “cold turkey” or use medication or the patch. But what if you could actually quit this week?

And if Pavlok does help you quit, the savings on cigarettes will pay for the Pavlok in the first month anyways, and you’d have extra savings in month 2 to reward yourself with.


2 thoughts on “Carlos Smoked For 15 Years Then Quit In 5 Days

  1. Congratulations Carlos! I just hope all smokers who want to quit are able to do what you’ve done in 5 days! Quitting the habit is really no easy things to do as you need to be ready mentally, emotionally and physically. Support from the family and friends matters too to become successful in quitting smoking.

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