Pavlok Wins “People’s Choice Award” & Boston’s Best Tech Startup


When I was 8 years old I was on a terrible t-ball team.

We lost our first game, and our second game and our third game.

We got creamed when we played an unscheduled game against the girls rep team.

Seriously, they destroyed us — it was soul crushing for a bunch of 8 year old Roberto Alomar wannabees.

And we lost the finals too.

But we still got trophies, even if they were half the size of the winners’ trophies.

Today though, I am a winner, because I’m on team Pavlok.



Pavlok Wins “People’s Choice Award” & Boston’s Best Tech Startup

At the first WeWork Boston Demo Day, we pitched Pavlok against some amazing companies:

  • Suitable Technologies (think your very own Skype robot)
  • Spot (Airbnb of parking)
  • JAZE (smart car maintenance)
  • Shelfie (take pictures of unstocked shelves and get points)
  • mettle (video challenge friends and get points)

Congratulations to Shelfie on winning the Grand Prize, and we are pretty happy to be voted as the People’s Choice Award :- )

You can read the full article in BostInno, and this is the excerpt about Pavlok:

“Ever since this startup took to Indiegogo last summer—which was 508 percent funded at $269,702—it’s gained substantial buzz for its shocking device, which aims to bust bad habits and change users’ behavior. Pavlok submits an electronic shock when you don’t accomplish the healthy goals you’ve set for yourself. Software engineer Justus Eapen, who led the pitch, told the audience that he tested out the device himself in an attempt to stop drinking beer in the later hours of working. Eapen says Pavlok worked like a charm, and he also claims he’s spoken with many other users who have been able to stop smoking cigarettes and biting their nails—among other things.”

And Pavlok won not one but two great awards last week.

Tech in Motion hosts the Timmy Awards with 3 categories: Boston’s Best Technology Manager, Boston’s Best Technology Work Culture and Boston’s Best Tech Startup.

We were nominated (and won) Boston’s Best Tech Startup, again with tough competition:

  • 9yahds (cloud based process management)
  • ArtLifting (sells art and helps disadvantaged people)
  • Cintell (customer intelligence software)
  • KeynectUp (contact management)
  • Mapdwell (data interpretation)
  • OtoSense (reacts to sounds in your environment)
  • PillPack (simplified pill taking)
  • SHADO Sports (fantasy sports platform)

About the award for Boston’s Best Tech Startup:

This award recognizes Boston’s best startup that employs forward-thinking technology leaders, possesses a great working environment, and produces an innovative product. Finalists include technology companies based in the Greater Boston Area founded since January 1st, 2013.

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