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The Pavlok Productivity extension will help you set your goals for the day and stay on task. Quit browsing time-wasting sites, stop opening too many tabs, and create a to-do list that you will actually do. The Pavlok Productivity extension is designed to be your digital accountability partner, keeping you on track to achieve your productivity goals.

Download, Install, & Register

Downloading is easy. Go the extensions category on the chrome web store while on a desktop computer using the chrome browser and search “Pavlok” and hit enter. Alternatively, use the direct link for the Pavlok Productivity extension. Then click “Add to Chrome.”


Installing It

When prompted, click “Add Extension” like in the following left-hand image and you should see a confirmation popup like the following right-hand image:


Login or Register

If you already have a Pavlok, login with the credentials you used to install your smartphone app. If you don’t have a login, you can always register in your browser or by downloading the Pavlok app for iPhone or Pavlok app for Android to your phone and following those instructions.

Watch the Walkthrough

A Chrome Extension Loaded with Great Features


to-do-listCreate a to-do list that you’ll actually do: Use the integrated to-do list to map out your tasks for the day, and then use the pomodoro timer feature to set a timer for each task. Complete more by breaking your task into manageable chunks of time that help you focus intensely. If you’re a Pavlok user, connect your Pavlok to get a vibration when you complete your task!


blacklist-sitesBlacklist unproductive sites: Tired of wasting time online, but don’t realize when you’re mindlessly browsing? Catch yourself checking just one… more… status update? When you blacklist a site, this feature sends a browser notification when you go there reminding you to leave. And with a Pavlok, you can set it to zap you if you don’t leave right away!

Here’s a productivity extension user who reduced their time-wasting behavior:


tab-limitsStay focused on the task at hand with tab limits: Too many tabs open = lack of focus. Prevent yourself from wandering off task with another browser window by setting a tab limit, and receive a warning notification if you open too many tabs. If you’re a Pavlok user, you can set the chrome extension to zap you when you open too many tabs!


rescuetimeRescuetime integration: RescueTime tracks what sites and programs you use throughout the day. You tell it what types of activities are productive and unproductive, and it will give you a “productivity score” based on what programs you run and the sites you visit throughout the day. So we’ve integrated Pavlok and if your productivity score gets low enough (and you have a Pavlok connected) you get zapped!

  1. Go get you a RescueTime Pavlok API Key by clicking the green “Generate a key for pavlok” button. If you’ve already created a key in RescueTime, you can find it on the key management page. You should see a table with “Apidata: API key for pavlok” as a row. Click that and copy the string just under “Full key”.
  2. In chrome (while logged in to Pavlok chrome extension), go to the RescueTime integration section, paste in your key and click “Go!”
  3. Configure your settings: Click “On” from the “Integration is:” dropdown menu. Then scroll down and define your thresholds and triggers.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the average productivity score for RescueTime users is 67% and they’re considered a highly productive bunch. You get to determine what is productive in RescueTime dashboard, so it’s best to set your target productivity levels at or just above your current productivity pulse.

auto-zapAuto-zap: Want to work on breaking a bad habit automatically when you aren’t at your computer? With auto-zap, you can set a timer for how long you want to do a training session, and how often you want to be zapped. Then just click go and you can walk away while the extension automatically administers zaps to your Pavlok.

If you want to have Pavlok automatically help you build an aversion to a habit where you’re stepping outside for a cigarette or snacking on sweets away from your computer, just set the timer, perform your behavior and Pavlok will help you build an aversion to that bad habit!

Other Neat Stuff

todoist-int ToDoist Integration But it will also tell you when to take a break! Another great feature we have is ToDoist integration. If you use ToDoist, it can sync your tasks between the chrome extension and Todoist dashboard. Look for tasks you add via Pavlok extension in your ToDoist inbox, and watch as new Todoist dashboard tasks show up in your Pavlok extension!

rescue-time-intCoach Assistant Looking for a bit more help and direction in getting and staying on track? If you go to Advanced Options > Coach Assistant > Click checkbox to turn on, Pavlok will both remind you and break down your tasks, inviting you to take pomodoros on your todo list.

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