Did You Hear The Big News? + The Biggest Misconception About Morning Routines

Did you hear the big news? Pavlok is introducing the Pavlok Rise later this month. And we couldn’t be more excited. Pavlok Rise is the only wearable and software combination that will help you wake up, stay up, and form a productive morning routine.

Be sure to checkout the announcement video here and comment “tell me” to get the latest Pavlok Rise News

Now to today’s post…..

There’s a common misconception when it comes to building a morning routine, one that we’ve seen time and time again when helping people build better habits here at Pavlok.

The misconception?

You HAVE to be a morning person.

While it’s true, to get the most out of a morning routine, you may have to wake up a little bit sooner than normal…

You can see amazing results just by waking up 20-30 minutes earlier. No really.

You don’t have to wake up at 4 AM or only get 5 hours of sleep to benefit from having a morning ritual.

In fact, the morning routine is incredibly flexible if you implement it correctly.

We get it. Sleep is important. And waking up can be a challenge for many.

But once you learn to ENJOY your mornings.. It becomes much less difficult to greet the day.

And that’s why morning routines are so powerful.

It’s not about being right in the “morning person vs night owl debate.” It’s not about being perfect.

It’s about making a conscious effort to set your day up for success.

When you start your day with exercise, meditation and prayer, or reading your favorite book, you start to view your entire day and life differently.

You start to be less crabby at the office.

You start to plan a little more.

You start taking action on what used to be only ideas in your heads.

And then the magic happens.

What we’ve found over the years of helping hundreds of people wake up, is that a productive morning routine is a powerful motivator to help you be the best person you can be.

Waking up late and rushing out the door only sets you up to start the day in a bad mood or super anxious.

But there is a better way….

If you like staying up super late and that works for you — by all means go for it. If you feel like you have boundless energy and time.. Great.

But if you’ve struggled to get  quality sleep, are always falling behind, and have no time to chase your dreams…

Perhaps it’s time you try something new. Perhaps it’s time you consider having a morning routine.

Next week we’ll be sharing exactly how to build a morning routine, by doing 3  simple things the night before.

Talk soon,

-Maneesh Sethi

CEO of Pavlok

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