Shock Clock App Sneak Peak

10 thoughts on “Shock Clock App Sneak Peak

  1. Do you have an estimated release date for the new app? A previous Indiegogo campaign update said “by September 15th”. Really looking forward to the new features, which might help me actually get out of bed.

    1. We are in final testing of the app and plan to release an early build of the app on the ios store by Sep 30! It will be on Android a bit earlier. A full release date will be announced next week!

  2. I think I might be the dumb mule lost in the desert also… So if I have the pavlok currently, I have to pay an additional $99 to get this app?

  3. Hi,
    a suggestion: for the timer and stopwatch add the ability to choose the various combinations of sound, vibration and zap as there are for the alarms. It would make the management more uniform and would be very useful.

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